Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weeding My Mental Garden

I was not feeling very good about blogging last night.  I was finishing up the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and feeling like I didn't get very far with it.  I couldn't spend a lot of time on it this month, and didn't get the benefits I could have, as a result.  I'm feeling a bit burnt out right now, feeling like I don't have that many readers, and obviously was feeling a bit sorry for myself.

I barely got 5,220 words in my Camp NaNoWriMo manuscript.  Maybe I'll work on it some more in July.  Maybe.

Or, I can be grateful that I'm here, waking up every morning.  It's time to weed my mental garden.

I think I'm feeling this way because my mother in law is going to her oncologist today and, from all indications, she will be told she is in remission.  But several other people I know struggle on. Perhaps it is natural to feel guilty, in a way, although if she continued ill it wouldn't help the other people I know. And, she copes with aftereffects of the treatment she received, including fatigue, and our general long distance caregiving for her continues.

Only two weeks after a neighbor died from cancer, I really need to be reminded of how fortunate we who are not battling for our lives are.  Time to pull some more mental weeds.

This is what I REALLY need to do, instead of feeling sorry for myself.

1.  Support my friends more.  I haven't even contacted my friend down in Brooklyn recently.

2.  Report that, today, I am giving several trees to a work friend, who will plant them in my late neighbor's honor.  Remember I have people in my life who care for me, and, again, thank them all.

3.  Post a beautiful photo. (Here you go.)

Near Charlottesville, VA, April 16, 2014
This is a farm I photographed from our car on our way back from Charleston, SC a couple of weeks ago. Can anyone I know imagine themselves on that picturesque plot of land?

4.  Stop complaining about the cold/windy weather in upstate New York. Hope no one I know is in the path of those terrible tornadoes that have hit Arkansas  and Mississippi (19 dead so far) in the past couple of days.  Spring can be beautiful in the United States, but it can also be deadly.

5.  And finally: Thank you all, my faithful readers, for sticking by me for another month.  Next month, May, is my favorite month of the year, and I am gearing up to bring you more spring beauty, some gardening tips, and updates on my brother in law with autism and my spouse's effort to gain guardianship.

Please join me in weeding your mental garden, and here's to a productive May.


  1. Hmm. You went from Charleston to Charlottesville to NY? You really took a picturesque (and LONG) way home!

    1. It was to avoid DC traffic we encountered on the way down (going south). The northbound traffic looked even worse. We took the long way home, and it's a shame that we passed near so many things worth checking out. We'll have to make another trip just to do that.

  2. Would love to read more about your blog.. Supporting friends is a best way to be satisfied your day.

  3. I should really try this.. great idea.

  4. Gosh that sounds like a long journey. Good luck with your script Alana! I'd love to read it! :)

  5. That's indeed a beautiful photo! I'm glad you made a decision to be thankful and to reach out to others. A thankful heart and a focus on others (helping, serving, encouraging, etc.) really help us, especially during difficult times.

    ~Urailak (Fruit Bearer on Facebook)

  6. I have a hard time trying to find things I should "do" instead. This list is wonderful in helping us count the wonderful things in our lives. Thank you for reminding me of this.

    Christie - http://theparentingpiece.blogspot.ca/

  7. I see my earlier comment has not taken. I wonder why. It was so heartfelt yesterday. I could never replace the emotion I shared with you.
    I'll just explain 'Grok with it', an expression from the 70's. Allow your body and mind to slide around in the mud when things get too much. Then, you can emerge refreshed.


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