Friday, April 11, 2014

Would You Take this View for Granted?

My spouse and I had an argument walking to a waterfront park in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  There were condos near the park, and some of them had views of the Ravenel Bridge which connects Mt. Pleasant with Charleston, South Carolina.
Palmettos, Waterfront Park, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina just after sunset
"I could never tire of this view", my spouse said.

"Yes, we would", I said.  "If we lived here a while, we would stop looking at the sunset." And", I continued thoughtfully, "the palmettos.  I love seeing them. They are nothing like what grows where we live in upstate New York".
"No, I wouldn't", my spouse replied.  Together, we gazed at what the locals call "The Triangles".  I had come to the Charleston area to walk the five miles of the Ravenel Bridge, as I blogged about earlier this week.  "Every day, before work, I would look out at the bridge."
Charleston skyline under Ravenel Bridge

"Every night, after returning from work, I would look out again at the bridge.", he continued.

"No you wouldn't!", I said with the assurance of someone married to someone else for nearly 40 years. "We both would plop on the sofa after eating dinner, and that would be that."   We know each other well - too well, perhaps.

It is sad how we learn to take things we see every day for granted. People were walking in the park, and for all I know that bridge wasn't even registering on their consciousness.  It was part of their everyday scenery, just as Johnson City, New York is part of ours.

But travel 850 miles to see something, and you will take picture after picture of it.

Are you like that, too?


  1. I'm not sure. I am making a conscious effort to pay more attention to the beautiful scenery around me, so I guess it varies, depending on my level of awareness from day to day. Beautiful pics!

  2. Wooow.. those photos is like a professional taken. And if i'l visit this place would love to try to take a pictures. Thank you for Sharing!!

  3. No, a good sunset still wakes me out of my apathy. Often I grab my camera and start snapping pictures.

  4. Every sunset I seen has been beautiful. I don't leave in an area with palm trees.

    Thanks for stopping in at my blog.

    Coffee is on

  5. I can't imagine getting used to that view! We are in Winnipeg, all we have is prairies, but a couple of hours away we have some beautiful lakes, and go and enjoy it there often :)

  6. Those are some amazing pictures indeed.....South Carolina looks amazing I have heard.

  7. I try so hard to appreciate the natural beauty & views here around the Hudson Valley- but I do get itchy for new scenery after so long in the same place! This photos are gorgeous! It's true, you certainly don't see the same plant life down in SC as you do in NY :)

  8. Gosh, no I'd never take that for granted! It's so stunning!


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