Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In the Calm Before the Storm

On the way home from work today, in Binghamton, New York, I saw signs on the highway announcing "Avoid Travel Wednesday/Heavy Snow Expected".

Gee, thanks, on the heaviest travel day of the year, thanks to our Thanksgiving holiday.

We have gone from snow showers/light snow tomorrow, to suddenly three to five inches (12.7 cm), and we are on the edge of the storm at that.  Winter Storm Cato, the Weather Channel has called it.  We are under a winter weather advisory. 

Winter is finally here, after it got up to 66 degrees yesterday (18.9C).
Let us enjoy some pictures of the calm before the storm, near the Susquehanna River in Westover.
Westover again.
Sunday, sumacs.

And, although this wasn't taken today (it was taken on the 19th) I love this after sunset photo of downtown Binghamton.

There's just something about fall sunsets.

Tomorrow, winter begins.


  1. I love sunsets - no matter what time of the year. Hope the weather will cooperate and give you what you need.

  2. Photos are really lovely, Try and stay warm in your winter storm and have a great thanksgiving!

  3. I know! Whew! We'd better get ready for this one.The weather started feeling colder today. Yesterday it rained in the afternoon. I thought, every time I go to the vet, it rains. And my dog, Buddy, hates the rain. It was sobering to leave without him in the pouring rain. He wouldn't have minded missing that rain storm.

  4. Great photos. I've been reading about the snowfall all over America. In England, we got a side-effect of colder temperatures, but so far, no snow in the north of the UK. I'm not looking forward to icy streets and the shriveling of plants. But I know it must come, just as the stars are in the heavens even if we can't see them.


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