Monday, December 8, 2014

Support Your Local Author

What do Beatrix Potter and bestselling author John Grisham have in common?

They started out by self publishing.

Several years ago, I participated in a blogging challenge called The Author Blog Challenge.  During this challenge, I learned about a writing community called the "indie writing community" - authors who take the publishing process into their own hands. 

This path is not for everyone.  And, it is not an easy path. I'm not sure, if I ever got to the point where I had an actual manuscript, that I would go that route.  But for those who take that path, it can be worthwhile.

There is nothing new about self publishing.  Many of you, for example, are familiar with a book originally self published book in the early 1930's.  It was called The Joy of Cooking, and it was written by a recent widow.

And now, look what that strong willed widow accomplished.

So now, what about the modern author who wants to self publish?  There is a blogger out there who might just help you.

Today, I continue what will be an occasional series this month on bloggers whose blogs I enjoy.

A great supporter of the indie community, through her blog and through other activities, is an author who writes under the name of Jo Michaels. 

If you have a book and a dream of being reviewed, you may want to visit Jo's blog starting tomorrow.  She is giving authors an opportunity for a book review.  An honest, through book review.  You will need to pitch your book, following her rules.

What do you get in return, if your book is chosen?

A review by someone who is both an accomplished graphic artist and an editor.  By someone who is honest.  When you read her review, you know she hasn't just sped her way carelessly through your book.  You can see examples of prior reviews on her blog and know this is the genuine article.

Yes, there are ground rules.  Read them carefully. And then, if this appeals to you, feel free to pitch your book.

I am not benefiting from promoting Jo's blog.  All I am doing is paying forward what Jo has done for me. Back, before my first NaNoWriMo (in 2012), she gave me an idea for something that I incorporated into my first novel attempt. She has given me other encouragements.

She gets so much done in her life that it is almost scary.

And did I mention there is also a giveaway involved?  Thank you, Jo!

Go ahead, pitch your book!  You just never know, although Jo is not promising that you will end up with the next best seller.  But if you do, you can say that I started you on that path. (Kidding).

And while I am at it, let me take the opportunity to link to blogs of several other authors who deserve your notice. Some are indie authors, some are not, but I have been introduced to them through various blogging challenges.

Amy Bovaird - Mobility Matters
Francene Stanley (various series)
Tia Bach
Robert Chazz Chute

As Jo likes to say:  Write on!


  1. I once belong to local writers group. Once we had small publish company came. It seem to take a lot of work on both publisher and Author to get a book out there.
    As for our local author. I have to admit in shame "I've never read anything by any of our local authors here"

    Coffee is on

  2. Hey Alana,

    Awesome post! What a great way to showcase some fantastic authors :) Kudos to you girl!!

  3. Very interesting and enticing post - thank you for sharing and did check out Jo's blog - found it also interesting :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the event :) It's rising each day and I have a ton of great books for sampling already. Best of all: the authors are meeting, greeting, and helping one another. Readers attending are snapping up books left and right. It's been awesome so far. I love the Indie community! WRITE ON!


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