Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Harder than A to Z?

I signed up for an annual April blog challenge called the A to Z Challenge.  (You can join me, here). It will be my first A to Z.

The way it works is easy - and hard.  You blog every day except Sunday (Sunday is a "free day" for those who do blog on Sundays).  That part is easy.  The alphabetical part will be the challenge.  26 days in April require 26 blog posts.  The topic of your first post must start with A, the second with B, and so forth. 

That's it, basically.  Oh yes, they encourage you to visit at least five other bloggers a day, which is part of the fun.  They also monitor for inactive blogs. Considering the thousands of people who sign up, that is an impressive task.

So, why did I sign up?

I wanted to be DIFFERENT - that is my word for 2015.  I wanted to take changes.

I am a seat of the pants person.  A to Z requires you to plan posts out. That would be DIFFERENT.

As the A to Z website says, "creativity is creativity."

Well, that takes care of "C", anyway.

Seriously - please join me every day in April and see what I have planned for you.  Planning is so much fun when the wind chills are below zero F.  Who wants to be outside?

Are you going to participate in A to Z?


  1. Thank you for this! I had already planned on doing an A2Z type series for my blog, but I was going to do it sooner than April. I'll just delay my series to match up with the challenge.

  2. Taking a thematic approach to blogging is a very good method. It helps to have some direction. A-Z is pretty clear but you're right, finding a topic for some letters will be a challenge! Not sure I'm up for that just yet :)

  3. I WANT TO BE OUTSIDE, Alana, please make spring come! (moan) I shouldn't complain, our winter has been relatively mild, but anything to make spring come a bit sooner---maybe I'll consider April's challenge. Good luck with it!

  4. Good luck with the challenge, Alana. This will be my second year and I'm looking forward to it. See you there! ☺
    (P.S. As a refresher, here's my post on the subject, which you were kind enough to comment on: What I Learned from last Year

  5. That sounds very interesting - and very challenging indeed. I'll be following to see what you find to write about. Good luck!

  6. I signed up. I need to sit down and start planning out my words now because there is no way I can do seat of my pants blogs like I have been doing with the A to Z challenge. Haha, we will end up with me searching through my spice cabinet at six in the morning looking for something to write about. I look forward to reading yours.

  7. I did the A to Z challenge. Enjoyed it but now I'm doing the month of letters..so far I'm on track a letter going off to Bakersfield California and then we having a weight lost challenge in our weight lost group...Challenges do us good.
    Coffee is on

  8. Looking forward to your post on zebras and zithers.

  9. I have also joined in the AtoZ. But I have yet to decide on a theme. Look forward to your posts.


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