Monday, March 2, 2015

Sneaking Through the Snow

Have you ever heard of snow sneakers?

I hadn't, either, until I read through an L.L. Bean catalog.

L.L. Bean is a State of Maine retailer (and mailorder company) that has been selling wonderful outdoor shoes and other gear for over 100 years.  They are especially famous for their customer service, and I can testify to that.

I was fed up with the one weakness of my walking shoes, the Reebok Princess.  The Princesses are the most comfortable walking shoes I have ever found, and they have been my go-to walking shoes for over five years now.  But I have one complaint about them, and it's an important one.

Their soles do not give much traction in either snow or wet conditions.  I don't have the best balance and, come winter, I just can't wear my Princesses.  Even walking from a parking space to the mall where I do a lot of my winter walking can be a challenge in newly fallen snow.  And I am not about to exercise walk in my boots.

I wondered, was there such a thing as a "snow sneaker", a walking shoe made for the snow?
My first (and last) foot selfie
Turns out, there is.

That's how, about two weeks ago, I found myself taking a foot selfie in the snow.  I paid the most money ($99, but it's less now) I have ever paid for shoes as a mid-February present to myself, and I am so glad I did.
Introducing the L.L. Bean snow sneaker.  They come in lowcut and hitop styles and I chose the hitop because I need ankle support.  Also, the hi top shoes were rated to 5 above zero F.  I have a condition called Raynaud's Syndrome  and I must be very careful to keep my feet and hands warm.

And - lucky you - these are even on sale now (probably getting ready to close them out for the season). Not that I will benefit financially if you do buy them.

You need to wear them with thick socks, and, a week after getting the shoes, I purchased two pairs of thick woolen socks from L.L Bean after doing some comparison shopping locally. I love those socks, too.

See that sole?  That's what I'm talking about, Reebok.  The snow sneakers (for me) won't do well on slippery ice, but these will handle any kind of snow.  In fact, right now, I've abandoned my Totes boots (another brand I am loyal to) for these comfy sneaks. (Heavy snow, though, and the boots will have to return.)

Yes, they are a bit heavy to walk in, but I knew that going in.  If that bothers you, choose the lower version.

I can't believe I am writing this blog post.  I am about the least interested in fashion, makeup, or clothing person you will ever meet.  But, I was tired of ice cold feet and was fortunate to have the money for these snow sneakers.  Since then, I've discovered Nike makes sneaker boots, too.

So now, someone from Nebraska (and she knows who she is) can now draw these in her drawing notebook.  Have fun!

(And, spring, please feel free to come.  I'll gladly toss these in the closet for another year.  Just a hint.)

Do you have any clothes you have fallen in love with?


  1. Wow! walking is snow is tough and to get exercise too! So glad you got these shoes, they look cool too. Happy walking and hope the spring arrives soon.

  2. I wish I could get a pair of these. But: 'My Feet's too big'.


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