Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winter Wonders - Three More To Go

It's that time of year.

Somewhere in the United States, spring has come.

Somewhere, robins peck at green lawns as mild breezes blow.  Somewhere, somewhere, flowers bloom.  Somewhere, children play without coats on and don't know what a snowsuit is.  The sun shines when the temperature doesn't have a minus sign in front.

That somewhere isn't here in upstate New York.  And, with only three more Winter Wonder Wednesday features to go before spring comes, spring had better get here soon.

The natives are grumbling.  They are ready to throw shovels at each other. 

Boston (still snowed in, but it will be mild today) is about 2 inches from their all time snow record.

Those residents are ready to rent a bus, a HUGE bus, and take a road trip to somewhere that has spring.

We don't have spring here, either.  This is what we have, instead

Downtown Binghamton, NY

Snow and ice crusted streets.  True, less snow than Boston.
He could have been Lincoln's Vice-President, if only he had defrosted.  Really.

Frozen people on display (Only kidding).
Happy birthday, Brandie.
And historic buildings.  Just think, this one has seen over 100 winters.

Do you know where spring is?  Could you tell her she is missed?  In case she lost our forwarding address, could you give her a map so she can find Binghamton soon?

Is it spring (or at least not-winter) where you live?


  1. I'm sending "springy" thoughts your way. Hope they reach you soon.

  2. It's still winter here in Nebraska, Alana, although we never get as much snow as we'd like (well, as I'd like). We woke up to a fresh inch this morning, and it's about 15 degrees. But I hear songbirds every morning, and I think we're supposed to have a warm-up this weekend. I can't wait!! (I laughed out loud at your "frozen people on display.")

  3. It's 40 here on Long Island, we've got a slushy mess, and we're expecting more snow tonight. I've had enough.

  4. Nope, full-on winter here too (Iowa). 15 degrees and snow/ice on the ground. Still 1-2 feet deep in some places. Stupid groundhog...

  5. Have been enjoying your Winter Wonder Wednesdays posts and snow photos! Kind of hate to admit it, but in South Carolina today it was in the 70s. Of course, pollen season will start anytime where everything is covered in green stuff for a week or so. Does that make you feel any better?

  6. Frozen people, frozen monuments, it seems even time has been frozen by the frigid winter there!! Hope you spring blossoms soon :)

  7. New York is so pretty in the Winter, Hope warmer days are headed your way.

  8. Here in UK it is kind of spring now, though we still need our coats to get out of the house. It is getting better. It will be spring in NY too soon, right? Around April is it? Lovely clicks, by the way. :)


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