Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spring Things - All or Nothing

April 5, 2015:  snow, here in upstate New York.
(No, I refuse to post any more pictures of snow until next winter.)

 May 5, 2015:  It's a late spring, and Nature is doing whatever it can to catch up.  Combined with warm weather the last few days, watching Spring unfold is more like watching a quick action film.  You know, one of those films where they film a flower once or twice a day over several days, and then you watch the flower bud and unfold in a matter of seconds.

Instead of a progression of flowers, Nature is throwing everything at us, all at once.  Not that, after our harsh winter, I am complaining.

Oh no.  Not at all.  Spring, bring it on.

All of these pictures were taken yesterday on the West Side of Binghamton, New York.

Redbud with creeping phlox.

Tulips. (I assure you, this vibrant photo was not photoshopped.)
Finally, the first of the rhododendrons.

I am grateful for today, and for the opportunity to bring some of Nature's beauty to your computer.

Is anything blooming where you live?


  1. Such pretty blooms! We used to have crocus plants the lined our sidewalk. and every year, I would wait patiently for them to spring up from the ground.

  2. Our flowers are starting to bloom too! I need to get some photos of them before summer rolls around.

  3. Beautiful photos! I'm happy that our neighbour's lilac bush is in full bloom, and I have a perfect view of it from my office window. Such a lovely Spring treat!

  4. Lovely flowers! Yes, we have blooms. Last week was probably the peak with everything blooming at once. Like you, we have a late start on spring and then boom! Blossom bombs!

  5. Nothing but violets and daffodils bloomin' in the yard, but I'm not complaining.

  6. Oh, Alana! How many colors does nature have in her kitty? Just look at those violets. How beautiful they look! Soothing.

  7. Mother Nature is pretty amazing with dividing up the country in zones for spring to spring. Here in Texas we are at the end of our Wildflower Festivals, and I have to say Texas Mother Nature out did herself this year. The Bluebonnets were stunning as well as all the other spring flowers. Just as stunning are your Spring those rhododrens are gorgeous. Beautiful photos. Happy Spring!

  8. Well the weather usual is safe post. It been pretty nice and my iris is starting to slowly show covers.
    Now if the deer would leave them alone.
    Coffee is on

  9. Pretty.

    Everything's been blooming around here since January. We kind of missed winter this year.

  10. Lovely Photographs... Look at the beautiful colors of blossoms.... Cheers up anybody

  11. Lovely and Beutiful Shots


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