Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - July (Lily Summer) 2015

We have had a wet summer here in my zone 5b garden in the Binghamton area of upstate New York.

April, May, June, July showers have brought lots of flowers.  Unlike the last days of winter, where I scrounge in my house for something, anything, to take a picture of for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, I am now flooded (no! don't say the word "flooded"!) with flowers, each begging me to take its picture.
It is the month of daylilies, which I fall in love with more and more each year.  Of course, the names of these varieties are long lost to time and my lack of record keeping.  But isn't she (yes, it is a "she") a beauty?

How about this purple lily?
 A yellow lily, unfurling in the early morning light.
I've had this variety in the front of my yard for many years.  Smaller than my newer plants, it still brings me so much pleasure.

How about one more yellow lily?

One more orange lily.

It isn't just the lilies that are blooming.  My reliable red dahlias, which a work friend (long deceased) gave me some 20 years ago, are in bloom.

Here is an orange geranium, one I managed to overwinter.
How about a cluster of hostas?

Thanks once again go to May Dreams Gardens, which brings us the monthly Garden Bloggers Bloom Day meme.

Now, go to May Dream Gardens and click on the other links, so you can see what is blooming today all over the world.


  1. Gorgeous, I love the hot colours. It's been wet in parts of England too (my part). I need the colours to remind me it's summer!

  2. Daylilies are always lovely, even when you and I have no idea what their names are.

  3. Beautiful daylilies and I do love the dahlia. I can never successfully grow dahlias here. All of your blooms are lovely.

  4. Great blooms. You should stockpile some of these images for leaner months.

  5. The front yard daylily is really nice. . . I want one.


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