Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Mystery of Lily 264

Today, another post about our Sunday visit to Cutler Botanic Gardens in Binghamton, New York.

Cutler is famed locally for two things - its antique rose collection and its day lilies.

The day lilies have been blooming for several days now, and should be at peak in a few days.

The only problem is - there is no list of varieties.  Some have tags with numbers.  There was a container with brochures but no brochures.  I get that - we've gotten a lot of rain recently, and printing brochures can get expensive.  But I couldn't find a list online, either.

I would love to know what varieties these are (or might be).  Do any of my readers have enough expertise for possible ID's?  (I've also contacted Cutler on Facebook but I have no way of knowing if they interact with their fans.)

This lovely red lily with yellow throat  is only known to me as "Daylily 264".  I would love to know its name and details, but have no time to search the interwebs.
Daylily 118 - will this beauty remain a mystery?  I love the ruffles.  There are even ridges.
I don't even have a number for this one.

Three totally different day lilies. This is only a sample of the variety available in this type of flower.  So easy to grow up here, too.

Want moreAlso, check out this blog post from 2013.

What is your favorite flower?


  1. I love daylilies. I too have had trouble identifying some that over the years got moved and labels got lost. I have yet to find a good resource for ID including the national society. Alas, we just have to enjoy what we see.

  2. Ive been wishing to go...im going to put that on my list. .thanks for the reminder

  3. Oh my, LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! So pretty!

  4. What a great post! I think I like the color of the first one but the ruffles of the second. I love how you pointed those details out. I don't know much about day lilies though. I once wrote about a tiger lily because my colleague was very protective of me so I called her a tiger lily ... since her name was Lily! Ha ha! When I think of lilies, I often imagine the ones on the lily pond. Yours are a different variety and so pretty!

  5. I hope they get back to you. Would be nice to know what varieties those are.

  6. What beautiful flowers. I guess all flowers remain nameless or only sporting a number at the start. You could name them in a ceremony. Let's name the middle one. "I dub thee, multi-ruffled Alana."

  7. When I visited Culter Botanical Garden a while back and blogged about it, I mentioned the daylilies, but did not know the story you post here. Some did have labels, but my favorite did not. I eventually found it by looking through hundreds of catalog photos online. (It was 'Radiation Biohazard.')


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