Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Fancies -Almost the End

Fall will be so short this year.

It's hard to believe we will have our first frost by Saturday or Sunday.  Probably, our first freeze, too.
Upstate New York, near where my mother in law lives
The weather has been so summer like here in upstate New York.  But yesterday, the low clouds moved in.  The end of summer is here.

I want to share some photos taken by my guest photographer, who lives in a rural area near Binghamton, New York.

Here's a closeup taste of fall here in the Northeast.
Isn't the countryside beautiful?
Where will this road lead next?

You can say the same about life.

But that isn't all.

Tomorrow is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  Stop by and see what is blooming in an upstate New York garden, just before frost.

Thank you for stopping by.  The next several days may be hectic for me, but even if I don't comment on your comments, I still appreciate them.


  1. Alana, I once visited Vermont in the fall and it was gorgeous just like your pictures here

  2. Interesting! nice photos. I love fall colours, went to fall foliage tour in 2012 and it was awesome :-)

  3. Fall is my favorite season, and it does seem like the season is going by too fast!

  4. Some of our trees our complete bare now here in North Idaho. But the weather is still decent and haven't heard any thing about freezing.
    Coffee is on


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