Saturday, October 24, 2015

Local Saturday - The Last Call of Summer

This is, for many farm stands and farmers markets here in upstate New York, the last week of normal operation.

Our growing season is over.

Right now, the markets are bursting with fresh produce picked right before the frost. We are so fortunate to have a bounty of local food and a generous harvest this year.  It was a great year especially for a crop our area depends on, apples.

But in another week, the tents will fold.  The buildings with their now-overflowing bins will lie empty.  People will sit in their living room and dream of a bounty that will come again, hopefully, next year.

Today, though, we still have bounty. These photos were taken today at Frog Pond Farms near Bainbridge, New York.  You have to be careful of what you buy there - some of the produce is of good quality, some is not.  But the prices are right, especially if you buy in bulk.  And, the market is quite child friendly- a wonderful place to bring the family.

This morning, in the unheated building, it was bitter cold.  I was wearing my winter coat, but I am not used to the seasonal weather quite yet.

My spouse and I were greeted by winter squash and pokemon pumpkins.

Brussel sprouts - not my favorite, but  they make a pretty picture, don't they?

And finally, peppers.

We are hoping that, by next fall, we have a year round indoor farmers market.  Ground was broken on it this week.  It is long overdue.  People without cars can not reach Frog Pond - and there is a great need in Binghamton, and nearby communities, for this bounty.

And now, it is winter's turn to reign.

Do you have access to locally grown food during your climate's growing season?


  1. Yes, we do have an Open Air Farmers Market here in San Angelo, Texas. It is right across the street from our Historic Fort Concho. Wonderful produce as well as a variety of wines. We are in a vineyard area with a number of great Texas wines. Seeing you photos reminds me I should go with my camera. Great shots...especially love the peppers. Interesting way to display the brussel sprouts..not a fan...but they do make a good photo.

  2. I was actually working a local farmer's market today. I had my craft booth, but the farmers' booths were hopping. We don't go on a winter break. (I'm scheduled to do a couple of them in November and December--hoping to catch some Christmas shoppers.)


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