Thursday, October 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday - The Hunger that Will Not Die

A perfect throwback post from March of this year.  It is obvious (once you read the post) that the friend found spring.  But now, the seasons have turned, and we are almost at winter again.

Halloween is only a little more than a week away, and the topic of snow zombies is perfect.  At the end of a harsh upstate New York winter, this is what you should expect.

I only hope we can escape the Zombied Snowcopolyse this coming winter.

And now.....The Hunger that Will not Die, with photos by my guest photographer.
 .  .  .

Near Binghamton, New York, the Third Week of March of 2015, wrote the survivor in her blog.

Day #917 of winter (or so it felt.)
Oh yes, it is pretty out there in the countryside where the guest photographer lives, the diary continued. But don't be fooled by those pretty icicles in the picture.

Here's the sad truth, she wrote.

Zombied out people, sick of snow, sick of no green, sick of shoveling, sick of nights still dipping into the teens, have left for the Carolinas to search for spring.  "Spring.  We must have spring!", they cried as they left.

"Spring is the hunger that will not die." the blogger explained just before she left with her spouse, too

They drove away, leaving her to the mercies of the snow, the wind.
The guest photographer knew she was one of the few survivors of the Zombied Snowcopolyse.  Now she decided to hunt in search of Spring, accompanied by her favorite dog.

Alas, she will not find Spring today. Or tomorrow.  Or, apparently, anytime soon.

But then she got this picture from her blogging friend.

"I found spring!", her friend said. "I swear to you I will bring her back to upstate New York."

So, our story ends here for now.

Will she soften the hard heart of Spring?  Or, will the guest photographer continue to fight through the Zombied Snowcopolyse?


  1. Hehe. Very funny parody. I fear, everyone will have to wait another season before spring arrives. Yes, snow pictures are lovely, but the reality is not so pleasant. Cold and snow mess with human lives. But--we are all part of nature, so we must endure.

    1. We will endure, here in upstate New York. But I still dread the winter, and I don't think that dread will ever get less as I age.

  2. It won't be long before everyone is in search of Spring once again.. I'm just waiting for our first snow fall! :D

    1. We already had our first snow fall - now just waiting for our first accumulation. It's just a matter of time.

  3. This is so much fun, Alana. Great pictures, too! Very creative use of your space today!

    1. Great pictures, yes, and I wish I could claim the credit for them. These are taken by a dear friend, a person whom I call only "my guest photographer". I did bring back spring, eventually - but then it just slipped away again.

  4. Well, if you want to go someplace where there is no snow...

  5. No searching in my part of the world. It's Spring here in New Zealand.


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