Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fall Fancies - Goodbye to Fall

It is still fall on the calendar here in upstate New York, but we have formally entered the season of "fell". 

A local writer pondered our autumn season, and said we should divide it into two parts: fall (the beautiful turning of leaves) and fell (leaves off the trees, snow on the ground). 

All we lack now is the snow, but our trees are bare and we are transitioning into winter.

Let us, now, take a look back at some of the highlights of fall.
Sunsets.  Does it get more beautiful than this?

Near the historic Broome County courthouse, during the golden hour right after sunrise.
A library garden (Broome County library, Binghamton, NY) at noontime.
Bradford pears glowing near sunrise.

Goodbye fall.  By this weekend, our unseasonable warm, sunny weather will be a memory.  The winter season, ignoring the calendar, will begin.

What has your weather been like?


  1. Nice sunlit pictures. The weather in Bangalore has been cold because of the constant rains over the last 10 days and we are wearing woolens. The rains are due to the cyclone hitting the South-east coast of India.

  2. Here too it's past fall and fell now. Weekend weather forecast says snow fall and sleet shower. It is already cool and it's going to be way cooler here! Lovely photos, Alana. :)

  3. Hi Alanah - beautiful photos. I'm in Australia and we are heading into Summer. We never see those beautiful colours on our trees and snow is non-existent. I always enjoy seeing other people's seasons.

  4. Love how the light and colors change. Our version of winter has set in, with every getting the sniffles and the 'flu. I love how winter brings different birds as migratory birds often make their way to India from colder countries.

  5. i remember this time of year so well from my upbringing in Rochester. Winter is coming...was never my favorite season. But autumn is stunning.

  6. You still have beautiful fall colors, even though it may have "fell." We are finally getting some cool weather here this week. Our fall may be arriving just as yours is ending.

  7. I'm in California and we are just getting our fall color. We've only been in sweaters for 2 weeks. We do have seasons here, but mostly it's divided between green and brown--rainy season and dry season. Love your photos!

  8. Wonderful pics Alana. . standing at the cusp of a weather change surely is an awesome feeling. All the best for the coming season :)

  9. It was chilly, but it warmed up a little today. At least those winds have died down.

  10. Most of our trees have lost there leaves. Spokane Washington made the national news which is about 100 miles south had some major winds. Some people there don't have power.
    But during the storm we lost power for about an hour.

    Coffee is on

  11. We got our first snow here in Michigan today. Hmm ... I don't like that. I'm not a cold-weather person at all, although I come from Canada. I enjoyed your post. "Fell." Good one. :)


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