Sunday, November 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day November 2015-Persistence

What was once common is now rare.

What was once taken for granted is now treasured.

This is true for so many things, on this 15th of November, Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  This meme is brought to us on the 15th of each month by an Indiana blog, May Dreams Gardens.

We are about to enter into the dreaming part of our four season climate, as we progress from "fall" into "fell". (That's not my original thought, by the way).

What is now treasured is every outdoor bloom I find in my zone 5b garden near Binghamton, New York.

There are the hardy flowers that have survived without any protection, such as this petunia, which reseeded itself into a space between two patio pavers and which I discovered a month or so ago behind a pot.

Or, in my front, this white alyssum.

There are the flowers that have survived with protection or brought in on frosty nights (we got down to 31 degrees last night), like this calibrachoa.

Or this begonia, which I rescued from the "reduced and almost dead" area of my local Aldi supermarket back in the spring.  It has rewarded me continuously in thanks.

The blurry, such as this blooming rosemary. Soon it will be taken in for good, and overwintered in our house.

The too late - this hardy mum we bought last year, deciding, too late, to open its blooms.  Its friends were done blooming a month ago.  The buds survived, but I fear will be gone with our first hard freeze.
 Indoors are the Thanksgiving Cactus, blooming indoors.  Yes, Thanksgiving cactus, not Christmas cactus as even the nurseries call them.  Until a GBBDer blogged about the difference, I had no clue. (The clue: if your leaves have points, they are not true Christmas cactus.)  This one is a beautiful pink and white - I bought it last year, and it is reblooming in my kitchen window.

An African violet in today's early morning sunshine.  I've managed to kill three of mine this year and this is the only one blooming.

And finally, my camilla, April Rose.  Camillas are not supposed to grow in our zone, but, as I've blogged before, we are going to try with this one purchased in North Carolina this past spring.  The buds are there.  Will they ever open?

Now that you have seen my garden, please go to May Dreams Gardens and check out what is blooming all over the world.

Today is day 15 of NaBloPoMo, where I link with other bloggers blogging every day in November.

What is blooming for you today?


  1. I love seeing your garden photos, especially since I am not at all a green thumb! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your blooms. :)

  2. I love that petunia. They are so persistent, aren't they? They reseed themselves in my garden every year. All your blooms are lovely. Reminder to self: I really must get one or more African violets for my house. Such wonderful plants!

  3. It's so lovely to see the last of these blooms peeking through. I do wish it would stay warm a little longer.

  4. Still got some great blooms. That's great.

  5. Oh I hope your camellia blooms open! I hope you post if they do!

  6. You have some lovely little pops of colour there! I do love your Thanksgiving cactus. And pink petunias always make me smile!

  7. Enjoy the winter, bw, I hope the plants will have a rest and when they return in the spring you will appreciate them even more. I too killed several African violets before I decided we are not compatible and gave up the effort!


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