Thursday, December 3, 2015

Beyond Belief

Today, I wish I had the eloquence of a skilled best selling author.  I wish the thoughts could flow off my typing fingers like honey flows from an extractor.

I wish I had the answers.

My brother in law, "B", who has autism, may have heard of this news when he came home from his twice a week day program yesterday.  Or, perhaps he found out when he turned his favorite news channel on later in the afternoon.

Either way, it is so hard to tell how much he understands about the San Bernardino shooting, where a husband and wife team shot and killed 14 people in a center serving those with developmental disabilities such as autism.  They left some 1400 rounds of ammunition and three pipe bombs attached to a remote control device at the scene.

A holiday party was in process at the time the shooting began.

The dead ranged in age from 26 to 60 and included a woman who had moved here from Iran after the Iranian revolution and a man who left six children behind.

This is what we know so far of the victims.

21 others were injured.

They left their six month old daughter with a relative before they embarked on their acts.  In their apartments, authorities discovered 12 more pipe bombs and more weapons.  In their getaway SUV authorities found about 1,600 more rounds of ammunition.

Actually, none of us here in the United States understand this.   We all have this in common with my brother in law.

Will he go to his program again tomorrow? (Today was an off day for him).  And, if so, what will he be thinking?

I just wish I had the magic words to make it all better for everyone in the world.  Because it just isn't us.  This is only the latest chapter of a story which none of us know the ending to yet.


  1. So tragic! Sometimes it is not an advantage to hear the news.

  2. I don't under stand why any one want or need to hurt anther person. it beyond me.
    Coffee is on


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