Friday, December 18, 2015

To Tell The Truth

Does anyone out here in blogger land remember the game show To Tell the Truth?

It premiered (here in the United States) on December 18, 1956 - 59 years ago today.

This was its theme song when it first came on the air.

The premise was simple:  two imposters, and one "real" person, were questioned by a panel.  The panel would ask questions to try to determine which of the three people were telling the truth. Then, the panel had to guess the "real person".

One of the most improbable To Tell the Truths, broadcast in 1972,  featured someone who turned out to be a serial killer, Edward Wayne Edwards.  This segment is about eight minutes long but it is well worth seeing.  Watch how the panel, including a young Alan Alda, used their own brand of logic to guess who the "real person" was.

Mr.  Edwards died in prison, in 2011. 

If serial killers don't interest you, Dr. Seuss, the famous children's author, might.

If you watched the segments through, did you guess the real people?  How well did you do?  (I'm proud to say I guessed the correct Dr. Seuss - most of the panelists didn't.)

Did you live during the golden age of game shows?  Which ones did you like?


  1. I loved this show. I have such fond memories of watching it with my mother. I didn't have much success in picking the right person, though.

  2. I jet watched the Ed Edwards segment. Fascinating.

  3. Gene Rayburn! My mother loved The Match Game. I remember watching it as a kid. Creepy that they had a serial killer on there.

  4. I liked the show. Did not know about Ed Edwards — apparently a sociopath. I followed the link and saw "He wrote that he never disguised his appearance during crimes because he wanted to be famous." Eww.

  5. I do remember this show although I don't think my family ever watched it on a regular basis. But I did see it from time to time. What an age of innocence that now seems!


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