Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Winter Wonders - Our Brave New World

February, in upstate New York, is normally a predictable month.  It will be cold. There will be snow on the ground.  It will be damp, cloudy, and miserable.  It will make you hunger for spring in a way so intense you will be left breathless, as you cry out "Enough!"

Not this year.  Well, except for the hungering for spring part.

Clear days produced golden sunsets.
Hibernating shrubs were starting to show a red glow up against the bare ground.
Earlier in the month
The forecasts showed temperatures almost never known in February. (That 45F is 7C). With sun.  It was time to break out the sunscreen.
That's almost -17 for most of the world not including the wind chill
And then, it hit this weekend.  Cold so brutal I never took any pictures. On Saturday I never even left the house. 
Courtesy of my son

On Valentine's Day, we, and most other cities across the Northeast United States, broke records.  For me, the official -18 F at the Binghamton airport was a new personal record.

Ice crystals on windows are beautiful, but you would rather not have ice crystals on the window.

And yesterday?  It got up to 50 (10 C) after an icy start.  But two hours from us they got snow - mass quantities of snow.

And today?

It's your guess.

Winter in our brave new world.


  1. Isn't it crazy how unpredictable the weather is these days? Our summer seems to have really early with very warm days and yet the temperatures drop quite low (by our standards!) at nights.

  2. You've captured the weather beautifully. Lovely golden sunset there. Ice crystals on windows, chilling!

  3. I makes me wonder: Changing climate or a silent warning of the changing times!
    Nice post!

  4. The sun came out and melted what little snow we got overnight. I'm not complaining.

  5. You got the cold. We got July weather. Weird.

  6. Unpredictable - that's the word for this winter.

  7. It's been a strange year for weather here, too, Alana. Very cold or very mild, not much in-between! I think we say that nearly every year, though.


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