Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - Ides of March 2016

What ever happened to winter?

Was it in real life?  Or are we still in a weather fantasy?

Welcome to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, hosted each 15th of the month by Carol at May Dreams Gardens, an Indiana blogger.  Sneakily, she has made us write our own garden journals (something I, for one, never get around to doing) by posting what is blooming in their homes and/or yards once a month.

So I know that this is the most amazing March ever.  In yards, crocuses and snowdrops are blooming.  Daffodils have buds.  Some bushes have green buds.  Nary a trace of snow on the ground.

In contrast, here was my March 16, 2015 post.

Our Lenten roses are up, but not yet blooming.  And, I will be truly surprised if Bradford pears and forsythias aren't in bloom before months end.  Only once has this happened before in my 30 years of living in the zone 5b area near Binghamton, New York - in 2012.

In my yard, I am so close to blooming. The crocuses are up.  My earliest daffodil has buds.

But, unlike last March, I did not have to scrounge for blooms at all, although they are all indoors (or outdoors, in pots).

My wonderful, wonderful moth orchid, a Mothers Day 2015 gift, reblooming.
A Thanksgiving cactus, still blooming away. Actually several of them are.

A primrose I bought earlier in the year, kept in a pot, and it is reblooming.

My trusty several years old kalanchoe.

My overwintered Million Bells, also a Mothers Day gift.

And finally, my overwintered begonia, a clearance plant, which has done more of its share of thanking me for saving it from the discard pile.

Thank you, Carol, for hosting this meme once again.  Hop on over to her blog, and then check out what is blooming all over the world.


  1. It's also Cherry Blossom time (and Dogwoods) here in the DC area.

  2. Beautiful shots specially kalanchoe, at first i thought they are oxalis :)

  3. Your March blooms are lovely. Spring is peeking over your windowsill. It has already knocked down the door here.

  4. Nice. I didn't realize that March was usually wintery for you. We're always out of the cold weather by now.

  5. Good to know you will soon have Spring blooms. I remember the hard winters you've had over the last couple of years.

  6. Oh you have such wonderful flowers in your garden..so very beautiful...my garden is in a very bad condition..need to do something about it soon ..love the flowers so refreshing

  7. What lovely flowers. Currently in our garden we have petunias in every colour and a few shy orchids.

  8. Such beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. You are doing better than me in the houseplant department. I also bought a primrose, but I neglected watering it and the buds dried up, so no rebloom for me at the moment. But it is still alive and I hope to plant it outdoors later this spring. I have never even thought to keep million bells alive indoors. I may have to try that next winter.


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