Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pi Day Preparation, Easter Pies and Blog Roundup #9

Today I am keeping this short - I have a pie (or two) to research, because tomorrow, March 14, is "Pi Day" (3-14). Last year was a true "Pi Day" (3.1415....) but hey, who can resist a good pie?

My mother in law used to make two types of pies for Easter - what she called a "grass" pie, and a "pizza rustica".  These are both savory pies.  In recent years, she's bought them from a bakery from where she used to live.  But where she is living now, near us in upstate New York, I don't think there is any bakery that makes these.  So it will be up to...gulp, me, someone who is not known for her pie baking.  Or cooking in general.

The grass pie, may I reassure you, is not made from grass.  In Italy, it is known as  "torta pasqualina". The green is usually swiss chard.

My challenge is to make something easy and something in between "so Weight Watchers friendly no one else will touch it" and "heart attack in a slice".   Pi Day will be a test run for something I might make just before Easter so my mother in law can nibble on it on the days leading up to the feast.  That's what I am researching now.

The crust will need to be store made because it also needs to be edible.  I think I can handle the rest, with my spouse's help.  Hopefully, I'll report on what happened tomorrow in my Pi Day post (and it won't be a disaster).  Easter is coming early this year and, as rarely happens, doesn't coincide with Passover, so I can actually eat these savory pies at the Easter table instead of drooling while my Christian in-laws dig in. 

Are you gearing up for Pi Day?  If so, you may want to hop on over to Baking in a Tornado - at the bottom she has a link to 11 Pi Day pies.  And, this will be the first link I will share with you today - you'll also love her recipe for Pistachio Bread. 

At Cresting the Hill, we ask: Why do we blog? what do we get out of it?

Carol Cassara, several days ago, had a guest post:  it was one of the best blog posts I've every read, called "On the day I die".

And finally, from Dr. Roshan (a man, and that matters) in India, a powerful post about a subject too many of us close our eyes to (note, adult content - must read adult content).

Thank you for stopping by - and I would love to hear about your Pi Day Plans.


  1. Thanks for this wonderful round up.. Will hop on to read those now..have a great week ahead:)

  2. I don't do Easter, other than maybe eat a roasted bunny.

  3. Not sure what happen this Easter. My daughter in law is due that day. Babies comes when they want to.
    Coffee is on

  4. I forgot all about pi day. And I'm covering an English class, so it won't be any fun at all.

  5. Whoa <3 nice post about the pi :)

  6. I got some tweets from my college about Pi Day, and did not understand what it was all about, until I read your post. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for making the effort for this round up. Now heading to read them !!!


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