Monday, April 4, 2016

College of Charleston

Welcome to day three of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, where bloggers challenge themselves to blog daily (except Sunday) on a topic from A to Z.  My theme is "Days of Our Lives".

Charleston, South Carolina had become my happy place, the place that I, when I am starved for spring after a long upstate New York winter, head to.  But since my last visit in April of 2015, Charleston was hit with tragedy.  A man who attended a church bible study group opened fire on the participants, killing nine of them.

Many lives changed in that instant.  Like sands through an hourglass...

I mourned from afar, seeing familiar places on the news filled with grieving people. I watched the people of Charleston teach the country a lesson - a lesson of strength, a lesson of forgiveness (which is a term so misunderstood by many of us).

Forgiving does not mean forgetting.   This I can understand, given that I work in a community that also suffered a horrific mass shooting (see yesterday's post for its commemoration).

I want so much to go back to Charleston this year, but, due to circumstances, I won't be able to. But, in cyberspace, I thought it might be good to stroll the campus of the College of Charleston, about half a mile from the Charleston shooting location, and take you along for the walk. 

Beautiful Spanish moss hangs off trees, with azaleas in bloom underneath.

A beautiful gate.
Again, more azaleas.
Presidents House
Azaleas along historic Randolph Hall
My guess is, this plaque was created for the 200th anniversary of the college.  I love the antique look.

One day, I will visit Charleston in August (during the season called "Dog Breath Summer" or "Satan's Summer") and see if I still love it.

I think I will.
Charleston.   I am in awe of you.  Forgiveness does not come easy to me.  Against those I feel have wronged me, I hold grudges, sometimes for many years. 

I still have to learn the lessons of Charleston - a true type of forgiveness, to break the power of those who have wronged me.


  1. Looks like a great place. But August? Yeah, I'm sure the heat and humidity will get to you.

    1. Sometimes you have to see a place at its worst weather time to know if you truly love the place or not. Charleston in August would be a huge challenge!

  2. Carkeston. A picturesque version of the South. Which says volumes about the South.

  3. such a lovely looking place - very Southern American (as far as an Australian would know what that means :P) I do hope your heart heals and you can forgive and also that less of these atrocities happen - there seem to have been far too many of them lately.
    Leanne @ cresting the hill

    1. Thank you, Leanne - I needed that thought from halfway across the world. It means a lot. Yes, way too many.

  4. I love Charleston too. It will make an appearance in one of my posts later this month.

  5. Such a tragedy in Charleston. I too have a hard time with forgiveness.
    My parents live in North Carolina so I'm very familiar with the azaleas there. They are a spectacular array of colors.
    Love the Spanish Moss too.

    Great post. Hope you can return there soon...

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. I'm hoping later this month, Michele - not Charleston, but somewhere in North Carolina. May be too late for azaleas - will have to see what we find.

  6. What a shocking thing to happen.

    Forgiveness is about letting go and moving on. A hard thing to do. My thoughts are with you.

    A-Z Challenge no. 1336

  7. One of my favorite cities to visit is Charleston. The campus at CoC is so beautiful! I too was sad to find out about the shooting in Charleston last year. It was lovely to see the beautiful memorial flowers, cards, and crosses the people of the city had placed near the church. They even had "Ben's bells" (Do you know what those are? – placed around the city. It was truly beautiful to see how the city pulled together after the tragedy. Hopefully you'll be able to visit again soon.

    Side note – Why do you think it's called "Dog Breath Summer" or "Satan's Summer" in August? Is that due to the heat? I've been visiting the city off and on for nearly 10 years and only in reading this post did I learn about the nickname. I guess I'll have to google it. I don't think you'll find August in Charleston to be any more unappealing than you would in say June, July, or September. That's just my opinion though.

  8. A powerful post, Alana. Other 'C' words come to mind as I courage and compassion. Loved seeing the beautiful and Southern. Reminds me of Gone With the Wind. I have ancestors who lived there, and is place I'd love to visit. I hope you get to go again in August...we call those the Dog Days of Summer, too.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  9. Over the years my take on forgiveness has change or I mature. Pretty picture thanks for sharing.
    Coffee is on

  10. I love Charleston as well. There's something so wonderful about its history and present.

    Love the photo of the plague.

    @dSavannahCreate from
    #AtoZChallenge2016 theme: dSavannah Defects


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