Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Presidential Primary Politics #AtoZChallenge

Today is the New York State primary election.  Today is the day that registered voters with a party affiliation can vote for their choice of Presidential candidate. 

That's quite a mouthful.  And, it's actually quite a process, too. 

Normally, the New York primary counts for little or nothing.  It is one of the last primaries, and normally, the front runners of each of our two major parties have enough support to get their party's nomination.  The party conventions, as we call them, will be held this summer and the actual election on the first Tuesday in November.

But this year is different.  Our primary is actually important, and we are making national news.

Politics is everywhere.

In lawn signs.

In Town Halls (this one, held Friday in downtown Binghamton, was for Republican candidate Ted Cruz and I took this picture of a news truck outside the venue.)

Bernie Sanders was here last Monday.  Former President Bill Clinton (his wife Hillary Clinton is running for the Democratic Presidental nomination) was here yesterday.  Their daughter Chelsea is in Binghamton tonight.  It's nice to be wanted, for once.

Interestingly, when I went to Facebook yesterday, it asked me if I was voting tomorrow and wanted to know if I need their help to find my polling place.   But even more interestingly, I had already gone to a search engine to find the NY Board of Elections website.  The very first result was not that governmental website but, rather, this:  a paid ad:

Find your voting location - Vote for Hillary on Tuesday‎

Confirm your voting location now.
Official campaign website · Shop the official store

I do not take political sides in my blog, and I will not reveal who I will be voting for. But I will be voting.  My spouse will be voting.  My developmentally disabled brother in law will be voting.  If you live in New York State, I hope you will be voting, too.

We hope to be voting again in November.  That is what democracy is all about.

"P" day in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.


  1. You think New York's primary is usually irrelevant? California's is even more so. We don't vote until June. This is the strangest primary season...

  2. The real problem is that advertisements are elevated over the real facts. which explains why certain people win elections, too!

  3. Anyone who doesn't exercise their right to vote shouldn't be exercising their right to comment on politics IMHO - I'm glad you're all heading out to do the right thing. Watching it all from Australia is a little scary - I can't imagine the free world run by Donald Trump! Leanne @ cresting the hill

  4. Politics in our country is hopeless. So i steer clear from it
    Tina From
    The Sunny Side of Life
    Twinkling Tina Cookse

  5. We always participate even when we are disenchanted. My worst nightmare would be that no one voted and we all lost the chance to take part.

  6. I'm going to be watching the election results tonight. I actively campaigned for a candidate and hope to be campaigning for them in November. So exciting.

  7. Absolutely, Alana! Democracy means everyone has to exercise their right to vote and voice their preference. It is exciting, in't it?

  8. I do and did, and am so glad you're not telling me who I should/shouldn't have voted for. Very refreshing.
    Melanie Schulz from
    Melanie Schulz.com


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