Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spring Things - A Day Told in Flowers

I woke up in the golden sun yesterday,
In the merry, merry month of May.
The tulips were glowing.
Near historic First Congregational Church, Main and Front Sts

At lunch, I went, with my guest photographer, for a walk on the edges of downtown Binghamton, New York. (You'll see some of those pictures later this month.)
We walked along the Chenango River.
Front Street, Binghamton, New York

We passed lilacs on a block where historic houses are being slowly restored.

A dogwood beckoned.

After work, a walk on the West Side.
Westover, near Johnson City, New York
Towards sundown, one last picture of crab apples.

How was your day yesterday?


  1. My day? A lot less green than yours, that's for sure :)
    My typical day basically involves getting to the hospital, doing a bunch of operations (as an anaesthetist) and then heading back... no much social life.

  2. Glad someone had some sun! Round here it's been one gloomy, rainy day after another. Even the ground is slush.

  3. I miss TULIPS and DAFFODILS. When I lived on the East Coast, those would sprout up in the Spring and I adored them. I loved that feeling of "rebirth". Here in LA though, "spring" is more like GLOOM though. For the month of May and June, every morning when we wake up, it always looks like it's going to rain thanks to the marine layer.

  4. I am constantly amazing at the beauty of our country. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  5. Such a wonderful way to capture a day. Lovely thought and execution. :)

  6. How lovely! It was rainy here on the southern Coast of Illinois! But blooms are everywhere. Loved seeing your pics. I think the dogwood is a favorite!

  7. We had a miserable rainy day. I'm so happy to relive it through your lovely pictures. Way better the second time!

  8. So beautiful! I love Spring. My favorite picture is the lilac bush on Front St. I'm from Rochester and we're known for our lilac bushes. I just planted two lilac bushes in my back yard here in Maryland to remind me of home. The tulips are also lovely. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

  9. Love that you told your story with flowers. So expressive.


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