Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday Surprises - Happy Mothers Day

No surprise to regular readers of my blog.  I, with the help of my guest photographer, are about to post some beautiful flower pictures for you.  Enjoy, whether you are a mother, were born of a mother, or care for children, or teach them.

My mother loved to grow things on her Bronx windowsill, including beautiful geraniums.  I dedicate this post.  This will be my 51st Mother's Day without her.
Crabapple tree.

Jonquils.  These smell so nice.
West Side Binghamton, New York
Broome County Public Library, Binghamton, NY
I'm told these are black cherries.  They smell like honey.
My back yard
Rural railroad tracks Broome County, NY
Flowering plum.

Last, but not least, dogwood.

Now that you have enjoyed, go out and make a mother (you, or someone else) happy.


  1. Happy Mothers day. It seem like a lot things here is two weeks early

    1. It started to be early until we had a hard, hard freeze. I think things are just about at normal now.

  2. Lovely pictures. Spring surely has reached your area.

    1. It has. Thank you for helping me survive winter with your posts.

  3. Flowers add so mcuh cheer to daily life rt! Thats a beautiful dictation to your moms memory

  4. What an amazing tribute to your mom. I so loved each of the photographs!

  5. It's a day late but thank you for brightening my (Mon)day with your photos. My crabapples are just starting to open.

  6. so many gorgeous blooms!! Beautiful

  7. Beautiful. Love that your mom grew flowers on her windowsill in the Bronx. I'm so glad you found the Bronx River Alliance link on my blog, they're amazing.

  8. Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing those with us!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  9. Beautiful photos! We're still waiting for most of our flowers to bloom here in Toronto so it's nice to see some lovely pictures.

    Nellwyn |


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