Thursday, May 19, 2016

What's in a Name?

 I'm taking a chance. I may end up in Facebook Jail for using a certain word (things like that have happened to others I know).  But hang on, dear readers, and keep reading, because this post is for real. 

In another year, we in the Binghamton, New York area may not be cheering for the team we call the "B-Mets" anymore.  Instead, we may be cheering for the....

Binghamton StudMuffins.


In case you don't know what that word after "Binghamton" means, here is what the Oxford English Dictionary has to say.  Go check it out.  I'll wait.

Back?   Are you smiling?  Or frowning?  Or daydreaming about one?

Anyway, if that word becomes our minor league baseball team's name, we only have ourselves to blame.  In fact, it seemed that was all certain people I now were talking about yesterday.

Today, it made the front page of our paper.  No, not the front page of the sports section.  The front page.

It came about like this:  this past year, we got a new owner of the team.  Said new owner decided to run a contest to rename the team.  So now, if you go to a website, you will find this (and this is the link you can use to vote):

"Starting May 17, 2016 through June 1, 2016 we are asking you, the fans, to vote on what will be the new name of the 2017 AA-Mets. Please remember we are looking for a new name that embodies what Binghamton, NY is known for - what makes Binghamton different from any other city in the world. The nominees are..."

There are six selections you can vote for.   And if that word after "Binghamton" wasn't one of them, no one would have cared.

Instead, this contest has now been picked up nationally (including on Sports Illustrated's website) and we in Binghamton don't know whether to laugh, cry, say hurray for what may well be a most impressive PR stunt, or hide our faces in embarrassment.

The website where you vote explains the reason for the choice and again, I quote:
"While tipping a cap to the players on the field, the "Stud Muffins" celebrates the collection of carousel horses belonging to Binghamtonians."

Yeah, right.

That new owner is smart, me thinks.  He made the front page.  He made national publications.  Although I don't think he crashed the Internet.

So, I will ask my dear readers:  What do you think?  And while you are at it, have some fun (just not at our expense), and vote.


  1. It's a fun, funny story, but yeah, that doesn't seem like a name you'd want to stick!

    1. It will be interesting how this contest (and the resulting publicity) turns out. Hopefully, a good thing for us.

  2. I'm waiting to see what the new mascot will be.
    Probably will outdo the Phanatic (the first baesball team mascot ever).

    1. In a strange way, I can actually see it. A man in one of those bulk-up body suits might be it.

  3. Naming a team. I feel your pain. You're right--it probably is a publicity stunt. (And I feel your pain because I remember a naming controversy around these parts. I mean, why, oh why would you name a team after a silly movie? Mighty Ducks, indeed!)

    1. I can only hope this contest works out for us. We need the help.

  4. I don't think I could cheer, "Yay Studmuffins" Sounds kinda silly to me. What was wrong with the Mets?? I found your blog through Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace!

  5. Quite an interesting post. Naming a team like a blog post can be quite a task:)


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