Sunday, June 5, 2016

Iris Envy

Today, a simple, (and envious) Sunday post about a flower now in full bloom where I live in upstate New York.


My bearded irises did poorly this year.  I used to have a yard full of them.  In the past couple of years, many seemed to disappear and more refused to bloom.  Of those that remained, only three of them bloomed this year. 

What did I do wrong?  I suspect it is because I did not divide them.  Or, perhaps, I was struck with iris borers.  Alas.  Irises are so beautiful.

My Kool Aid irises, given to me years ago, have dwindled to one.  I somehow feel I have failed it.

All around me, meanwhile, irises are blooming, seemingly just to mock me.  But I will be strong, and show some of them to you.
Irises come in so many colors, and some are even scented.  They are normally easy to grow, thriving in full sun.  The bearded irises bloom in May and June; there are some irises that bloom in early spring.  Here,  white irises bloom at a church in downtown Binghamton.
Reddish brown.
One of my two irises.  This was one of the few irises that bloomed at my house.

Still other area irises:
Bi colored peach and white.
Sort of peach.
Purple and white.
And light purple.

How can you not love irises?  I just wish I knew what happened to mine.

Slowly but surely, I have replaced my missing irises with day lillies.  But still, a part of me misses them.

We'll see what next year brings.  And, if I'm in the mood, I'll post more pictures this coming week.

What are your favorite flowers?


  1. Gorgeous. I, too, am afflicted with iris envy.

    1. I'll be publishing some more pictures (hopefully) later this week.

  2. Actual where most of my iris are needs to be thin. It seem like a lot of things here in Idaho is bloom early.
    Coffee is on

    1. After an early start, our spring has evened out. But alas, the irises are on their last days.

  3. I love the iris. It's one of my favorite flowers. We had an array of colors that grew next to our house growing up. I especially liked the blue and purple ones.

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

    1. So do I - I love purple flowers, in general.

  4. oh wow they look so beautiful ... you have a beautiful garden :)

    1. Thank you - but only one of these is from my garden. I took the other pictures here and there in this area.

  5. I share your envy. The only iris we have is a small clump of Siberian Iris, they seem so skimpy compared to the bearded beauties found in some gardens.

  6. The flower looks beautiful in all the colours. I agree with you - how can anybody not love irises.

  7. Pretty pictures. Sorry your irises didn't do as well as you'd like. I guess it's a learning curve?


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