Friday, June 17, 2016

Palindrome Day

Instead of a falling Friday, I thought I would blog today about a light topic to take our minds off the recent tragic news stories in the United States and Great Britain.

Are you ready for a little Friday Fun?

In the United States, we write our dates in one of a couple of types of systems:  Month, Day, Year (or m, dd, yy).  Today's date would be 6-17-16 in the way we normally write dates.

6-17-16.  Hmmm.  See anything interesting about today's date.

Today's date is a palindrome (something that reads the same frontwards and backwards).

That makes this week Palindrome Day in the United States.  (Here, you can read more about Palindrome Days).

Observe:  (this works only if you write in m-d-yy format, incidentally)

Of course, now that I hardly write out a date, it took me reading about this in Facebook to realize what was happening.

The last Palindrome Day of the 21st century will be February 29, 2092.  It will also be a leap day.

Too bad only the youngest of my blog readers may be around to see it.  But don't let that gloomy thought stop us.

Happy (in the United States) Palindrome Day!

If you don't live in the United States, what dates are palindromes for you?


  1. Hey, thats very interesting, Alana! My son would love to read that, although that isn't the date format we follow out here. Our days of writing down dates are over, but kids in school still do, specially on their school almanac. Good one, Alana.

  2. The issue really is- other than getting a FB post or blog post- so what? Now, if there were magical powers or something similar, it would excite me more.

  3. I've always liked Palindrome Days. Almost as much as I enjoyed the digital days 011101. Fun post!

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

  4. Fascinating. I guess a palindrome day isn't really surprising, but a whole week? That's pretty cool!

  5. Like Esha said we follow the format of DD MM YY here, so I wonder how that would work out. I love 'date watching' too.

  6. Love the pattern. The Palindrome days sound cool. I don't remember last when I wrote in this pattern on paper:)

  7. Yeah, I saw that on Facebook, too. Cute.

  8. prof premraj pushpakaran writes-- october 7, 2017 is also a palindrome day!!!


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