Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer Ramblings - Does Love Trump Hate?

Today is the last Wednesday of July.  Yesterday was another ugly day in world events, as hate showed itself.  People died. There is so much uncertainty, so much feeling that the world is going down a dark and dangerous path.

As the crickets chirp their late summer messages, I thought about a phrase that has been used many times recently here in the United States:  Love Trumps Hate.  You see it, on thousands of printed political signs.  You hear it in speeches.  But, I am not asking this question in a political sense.

It's (the pun in the expression aside) a good question.

If you google "Does love trump hate?", you get about 15,000,000 results.

But is it true?

It can even tear apart families, these political discussions.  Isn't hate busy trumping love?

So, to bring in a breath of fresh, positive, air, I present to you some of the flowers blooming in my yard.  Unlike many of my posts, where I also feature flowers found on various of my exercise walks, these were all from my front yard.

Some of my final day lilies.


Reddish, glowing after sunset.

And pure yellow but with a hint of white, again after sunset.

My tall phlox.

But not all beauty is in flowers.  Sometimes, foliage is what I admire.
Our three coleus plants.


I grew up in an apartment in the Northeast Bronx.  I am so grateful for every day I can walk into my yard.  I do not turn a blind eye to what is going on in the world, but I do have to take breaks from it. (And, for now, I continue my limited visits to Facebook.)  But, many times, I wake up thinking that hate, all over the world, is trumping love.

What do you think?


  1. yes, Love trumps hate - or, to de-politicalize it, Love Conquers All. But for this to happen, we each as individuals have to use Love as a verb, not just as an amorphous noun. Love, as in, go out and do acts of Love. Not, let some invisible cloud of swirling Love take care of all the hate out there. If we were all to commit more fully to "Doing Acts of Love" in our own worlds - at our work, our schools, in our neighborhood, with our friends and family - then hate would have much less of a stronghold. ... this is at least my opinion. :-)

  2. What lovely flowers . I suppose they are better than following Mr Trump. I can't get over the fact that he's even a Presidential candidate

  3. Those pictures were amazing. I have a terrible time growing beautiful plants - your backyard is a breath of fresh air!!

    1. Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed the pictures.

  4. Nice flowers. Regarding Trump, i don't have good opinion on people spreading feelings of hatred. But, i don't regularly follow politics.

  5. We all have to have concern for what's going on in the worlds, but we also have to have some peace, some enjoyment in life.

  6. Nature and our gardens are the best respite from a world of hate that is too much with us.

  7. If you talk energy levels, love is at a much higher frequency than hate. So, it's easier for some to remain in the lower energy hate than try to rise above that.

  8. As a matter of being basically a non-politically inclined writer, and on second thought, I request to delete my earlier comment. What was I thinking blowing hot air on your lovely floral post filled with positivity of Love's triumph over hate. I agree, we need a chance to stop and smell your roses and admire the blooms in your lovely garden. My apologies, Sue.

  9. I love these flowers and those pictures that you take. Love triumphs hate but yes, those political puns are bit over the top.


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