Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Ramblings - Moon and Wildflowers

Today is the anniversary of the 1969 landing of man on the Moon.  I will blog more about that tomorrow.  We also had a full moon last night.

Instead of looking up in the sky, I am directing my gaze today to a building in my neighborhood known officially as Air Force Plant 59. When first built in 1942, near Johnson City, New York, it was one of the largest (if not the largest) wood framed structures in the United States.

 Rendered unusable by flooding caused by Tropical Storm Lee on September 8, 2011, it is in the process of being demolished.  Its last tenant was BAE Systems, and it is called the "BAE" building, or even the "GE" building (a tenant of many years) by locals.

In early August of 2013, I took this picture of the moon over the former BAE building.  (It's the white dot between the two trees).

Now, much of the building is gone, but the wildflowers on the property are doing quite well because no one is mowing what used to be the lawn anymore.  Probably little need, with the drought we are in.

Chicory, its blue so comforting, grows here and there.
Queen Anne's Lace is flourishing everywhere.
In the shade, earlier this month, catmint bloomed.

There is a tall thistle plant near this catmint, but in the sun.

As man abandons the property, nature has its way.


  1. this Catmint looks so beautiful. I haven't seen it on this part of the world.

  2. Interesting little fact about the full moon and anniversary of the landing on the moon. I enjoyed looking at your pictures

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

  3. Nice pics and yes, I too read about the anniversary of landing on the Moon. Looking forward to more info by you.

  4. Lovely flowers as always. And I didn't realize it was the anniversary, I'll have to check out your post tomorrow.

  5. Nature abhors a vacuum. If there is a vacant niche, it will fill it.

  6. Beautiful flower. One of my sunflowers just open. A bright and bold flower and it looks like it always smiling. The sunflower.
    Coffee is on

  7. Nature will have its way eventually with all of us.

  8. Oh I remember that well. We were in Poona and we heard Neil Armstrong's voice crackle over the radio late at night. My brother and I were allowed to stay up and hear this historic event. Somehow I thought the moon would lose some of its mystique but it didn't !

  9. I love how wildflowers seem to grown and flourish so effortlessly! We put so much effort into planting and encouraging flowers to grow in our gardens, yet wildflowers do it all on their own! Great pics!


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