Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer Ramblings - Holding Off The End

In mid-August, you start to realize fall is coming, at least here in upstate New York.

You hear crickets chirp.

You see the daylight part of the day growing shorter and shorter.

You realize the stores are holding back to school sales. (How nice that I don't have to worry about those anymore).

Because of drought, some trees are already starting to show fall color due to being under stress.

The end is coming.

But the heat is still on, and my flowers are still blooming.

African impatiens.

It isn't just flowers.  It's the foliage plants.

Persian shield with purple sweet potato vine.
I even have some tiny astilbe flowers blooming in my back yard.  There's a story behind these plants.

Soon, all that will be left are the pansies.  And even they will be a memory by November.

But for now, I will hold off fall, at least in my mind, for as long as I can.

This part of August has become a sad time for me.  This week contains the anniversary of the deaths of several relatives.  Today is the anniversary of a the death of a beloved aunt, an aunt who was so proud of her garden.
She loved hibiscus (the only flowers in this post that are not mine) so much.

I turn to my living flowers, at least for now, for solace, and lose myself in memories.


  1. Great pictures alana, I like it when everything starts to change colour, it gives a wonderful autumnal feel to everything the only issue of course is that you know winter is just around the corner

    1. Yes, winter around the corner. That's the problem, when you live in an area that can get 80 plus inches of snow in a year.

  2. You've got lovely flowers! I love taking photos of flowers as well, it's somehow calming and they're just beautiful.

  3. Love your flowers! I have a tremendous amount of success with flowers and none with vegetable growing! Haha! Enjoyed your blog!

    1. I think many of us are either flower growers or veggie growers. I'm the flower person. My husband is the veggie person. We make a good team. Thank you for visiting!

  4. What lovely late summer flowers you have. As for me, I always look forward to autumn. It is usually our most benevolent season (except when we get a hurricane, of course!) and the best time for planting new perennials or shrubs to give them a chance to get started when the weather is not so hot and humid.

  5. Ah yes, death anniversaries are sad remembrances. Enjoy the heat while you've still got it. Sadly, we're likely to still have heat well into October (if not November).

  6. I hope your flowers make you smile and think of all of the good times. Brenda

  7. It sure hot here in North Idaho. Always enjoy cricket singing.
    Coffee is on

  8. How sweet, though, to think of friends, to hold them in your heart, especially when you tend to or meditate on flowers. I dreamed once that all my past loved aunts and lady friends and I were having a party together, even though they didn't all know each other in life!


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