Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Throwback Tuesday - Thanks for the Memories (Or Not)

I wrote the below post in August of 2015.

The Facebook Memory feature still exists.  The other day, it brought me back to a day in 2012 when I was interviewed on an internet Radio Show.

But, there was this:

The interviewer, Sandi Tuttle, died earlier this year.

I have several deceased Facebook friends, and from time to time, the memory function brings something up.

Everything lives forever on the Internet, it seems. Some memories are good - such as the memories of an August 2013 trip I took to Arkansas - but some bring up memories that may now be bittersweet, or worse.  This memory of the interview was bittersweet.

What about you?  Do you use this Facebook feature? 

Here's the original post:

Thanks for the Memories (Or Not)

Did something like this happen to you yesterday?

Yesterday I worked, walked with my spouse, and shared what we had done towards our goal of moving his mother up here closer to us, and caring for her needs, discussed our next trip to go down to her, and tried to problem solve.

I came home, opened up Facebook, and was greeted with a helpful "memory".  It was on top of my wall, and it said "[My name], we care about you and the memories you share here. We thought you'd like to look back at this post from two years ago."  It gave me two options:  share, and see more.

The photo it showed me was harmless in and of itself.  It was a picture I took of country singer Leann Rimes performing at the 2013 Spiedie Fest and Balloon Rally in Binghamton. But there was no Spiedie Fest for me this year.

That's not what bothered me about this, though.  (Well, let's be honest.  It did bother me a little.  It was a gorgeous weekend.  People at work yesterday were raving about how gorgeous it was.  But, as the saying goes, whatever.  I hope to experience more gorgeous weekends in the future, life willing.  Not everyone I know will have that opportunity, and I am fortunate.)

But:  who is to say which memories should be brought up and reshared?  Me? Or Facebook?

So, out of curiosity, I clicked on "see more".

What Facebook is wanting me to give them permission for them to send me notification of memories.  It gave me a sample of my postings onto my wall from "on this day" in 2014, and 2010.

No thank you.

Facebook only does things to make money.  This is a capitalist country, so nothing wrong with that, but they are not going to make money off helping me remember.

You know, Facebook, my mind does a good job of this, thank you very much.  I spent some 45 years without the Internet and I haven't forgotten how to remember.  If I want to remember, I can go out to my friend's timelines.  Or mine.  Or take out some old photos. 

There may be good uses for this feature- perhaps it will help families whose members struggle with dementia, for example.  Right now, thankfully, we are not one of them.

But...there is something about this I am not comfortable with.

I am not putting Facebook in charge of my memories so they can somehow make money off of it.

What do you think? Do you use the memory feature?  Does it bring up good memories, or bad?


  1. Most of the "memories" that FB entreats me to share are not among those that have met the test of time.
    But, your memory jolted me sharply. I wondered why I no longer saw Sandi's face among the FB posts... May her name be remembered with love.

  2. The memory feature has never popped up on my Facebook feed. Never. Perhaps that's because I never post anything...

  3. I only have a Facebook account in order to follow the 'Ban Michigan Fireworks' page. Facebook asks for entirely too much info IMO. They want my phone number? I don't think so.

  4. You've said it, Alana. At times this FB memory can get so irritating and product of capitalist for whom every reason is good enough to make money.

  5. I do post only good memories mostly so chances of a "good memory" featuring on a bad day are more!Having said that, I do think it is we who should be deciding which memory to re-share and not facebook.

  6. I use the feature to just check but I never share. Just a sneak peek. I agree that it's all money for them.


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