Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fantastic Fall - The Five Letter Word

Why would grown people, normally sane, run around gathering hanging baskets and plants, taking cuttings of plants, and cutting flowers for one last bouquet?

Because of the looming F word.  It has five letters.
From earlier this fall - we didn't get this one.

This is the word that strikes terror into the heart of many gardeners.  It's the end of the growing season (except for some hardy crop exceptions).  It's the end of cut flowers.  It's the end of mild weather, although our mild weather ended several days ago, alas.

There wasn't a frost advisory last night.  Most people around here have gotten their first frost, even their first freeze, by now.  I am positive that, yesterday morning, sleet was mixed in with rain where I work in Binghamton, New York.  And, tonight, we are predicted to get the other word.

The S word.


I hate that word.

Why does nature have to wreck a perfectly good fall?

Please tell me that these innocent flowers (not mine, but still) died last night.

Please tell me these leaves won't fall in a few days.

Please don't tell me it will snow tonight.  Or tomorrow. 

Goodbye, fall.

Day 26 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. Each fall when I start waxing nostalgic for the East Coast I remember how the ephemeral this season really is

  2. We went from 80 to frost. But, the white powder that abounds in the DC area is of the illegal sort...

  3. We have yet to have a frost here, but it may happen this week, then its 67 on Saturday. More yard clean-up to come.

  4. Fall is so beautiful. It is so sad when it starts to fade.... We need to enjoy it while we can. : )

  5. My son works at a local greenhouse and just last night brought home a load of about 10 pots of mums that they were throwing out. My front porch is now full of them. So lovely! Will probably only last for a week or so until the "f" word you mentioned. But until then..I have the prettiest porch on the block!

  6. The biggest frost problem we have in the Texas Hill Country is the "last/unexpected" frost in the spring. The peaches are almost ready to be picked and the frost comes out of the blue and destroys the peach crop. Farmers who've waited all year see their incomes plummet. Brenda

  7. What is this frost of which you speak? Or this snow? They sound like horrible things.

  8. We've had frosts several times now where we are in VA. I'm not looking forward to getting to the freeze stage!

  9. Such a fun post and of course, gorgeous pictures. Love it::)


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