Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fantastic Fall - From Different Angles

On a fantastic fall day, three women dressed in pink decided to have lunch at a local Irish bar.  They had never eaten there before.

It was Binghamton Restaurant Week, where people can have lunch or dinner at various participating restaurants.  Each has a special fixed men, and a percentage of the proceeds go to designated charities.  This bar was participating.

Entering, they were greeted by the owner, who asked "Have you ever been here before?"  They said "No."  Everyone smiled at the women.  Was it because they were dressed in pink, the color of supporting breast cancer causes during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

"After you order", said the owner, "why don't you check out back, and see how I've fixed up the back of my place for special events?"  The women took up his offer, and decided they would sit outside and eat.

In mid October.

Normally, weather at this time of year in upstate New York isn't all that mild. But today, it got up to 81 degrees F (27 C).  They sat in the sunshine (sunshine!), talked, caught up, and enjoyed the breeze.

It just wasn't normal.  It was a day to be treasured.  A day viewed from an unusual angle.

But then, they had to return to work.  But let's make believe they didn't have to.  What might they had seen if they had walked in Binghamton?
West Side of Binghamton, New York, October 18. (And no, I didn't use any software on this picture.)
This is the view from another angle.

I enjoy looking at things from different angles.
And enjoy it even more when I see some unusual shades in a fall display.  And even a hint of pink.

Maybe one day, they will take a walk together after lunch, and see what fall has to offer in upstate New York.

Day 19 of the #Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. Are used to say I would never move back to the East Coast – – each time I see the fall foliage in photos I miss the East Coast…

  2. Beautiful... just beautiful... We are waiting patiently as nature begins the same journey here in the Ozarks of Arkansas!

  3. Don't you just love all the fall colors? I could spend all day taking pictures of trees.

  4. those Autumn colours are beautiful Alana - and I bet the women in pink looked pretty fabulous too!

  5. This weeks' weather has thrilled my guests, as they sit (almost) under the stars, eating in my Suka. However, I wish it were a little colder, because while I enjoy the eating and the celebration, I detest serving as breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the mosquitos!

  6. Wow, so much in October! And I absolutely loved the pictures. Sad we don't experience Fall here in India!

  7. I love the colors of the trees. Really pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  8. We're having an unusually warm fall day here as well! It rained a bit overnight, but was quickly drying up around 9:00 am. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons. The Spring because everything is coming back to life and the "dead" and depressing appearance of everything soon bursts with new life. And fall, because of the breathtaking colors and cooler, but quite comfortable, weather that Mother Nature has to offer.

  9. Fall is my favorite season. In fact, on Saturday my husband and I are spending the day in the North Georgia mountains, and I'm so excited for the foliage. It can't compete with New England (I've lived in Georgia for almost 30 years, but I grew up in Massachusetts and New Hampshire), but it is still quite beautiful. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

  10. Nice story about doing lunch. I love the photographs! The colors are getting vivid here in Western New York as well. Today was an especially delightful fall day... nice and warm and sunny. I was out walking all day and it was a happy experience to experience the outdoors and to enjoy the fall foliage.

  11. Double edged sword, isn't it? It's nice to sit outside, but there's the sense that it should be cooler.

  12. Alana! I really enjoy your posts adorned with such gorgeous pictures during the fall.


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