Thursday, February 9, 2017

February Flowers

What this world needs is more flowers.

Here in upstate New York, it was warm yesterday.  We had a record high of 48F (8.8 Celsius) and our snow mostly melted (just in time for another snowstorm).

In my backyard, a Lenten Rose has been trying to bloom for the past month.  The snow falls.  The snow melts.  The snow falls.  The snow melts.  We used to get January thaws here, but then winter rolled right back in.  This winter, the fall and melt pattern has kept up all winter.
This is what the lenten rose looked like at sundown last night.  It's still trying to bloom..

It's determined.

Meanwhile, both of my pansy plants are still alive and well, although neither are blooming.

This morning, the snow is back, the temperature is 22 (-5.5C) and, it feels like 11 (-11.5 C) with the wind chill.  It's still dark, so no snow photos for you.

Welcome back, winter.


  1. Mild winter so far here on Long Island, until today -- we are in the middle of a blizzard.

  2. And,now they are covered by a 1 foot blanket of white.

  3. I have seen lenten rose before and I was hoping to see yours bloom. Over here the rain has stopped and the weather dry and hot. My plants are withered by midday even though I watered them thoroughly in the morning.

  4. And still that Lenten rose persists! Plucky little plant!

  5. 48 is a record high? Yikes. It'd be a record for us, too, but a record for coldest.

  6. Here it is just cold. My garden is completely dormant. I've never seen a Lenten rose.


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