Saturday, February 25, 2017

Local Saturday - Spring Ends

We are having a thunderstorm, here in upstate New York, as I blog.
Vestal Rail Trail, February 19

This is why people come to my blog in February - to see sights like this.
Lenten Rose - finally blooming!

Not to see sights like this.

My bulbs are coming up. 

Crocus 2-24, Binghamton (not mine) - Look for the small purple thing
Yesterday (not able to take a picture) I saw snowdrops blooming in another yard.

Today, I saw a dandelion.

This past week, one of my spouse's co workers saw three robins.

We've been hearing geese migrating back north the last several days, honking loudly.

When it gets back below freezing tonight, with possible mixed participation (freezing rain/sleet/snow), they are going to be really confused, those poor robins and geese.

But for us, we know better.  Mother Nature knows it is February.  She has given us a break.

It's over.  Time for winter to take over once more.

Tomorrow - A Civil War Sunday post. 


  1. We have robins around here for most of the winter. Today is dreary and cold but the really bad thunderstorms missed my area last night and so did the snow. The Michaelmas daisies are leafing out and I fear they will get killed before winter is over.

    1. We don't have robins here during the winter, so either they are fooled, or they know something we don't. I fear a lot of buds are going to be killed. I hope you fare better.

  2. Thanks for the smiles! Nature is beautiful indeed. 🌸

  3. Thunderstorm I forgot about them.
    Coffee is on

  4. I'm so sorry. It would have been nice if the warm weather had continued.

  5. We are still in a cold spell too, can't wait for Spring!


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