Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring Things - Crocuses, Bees, and Snowdrops

Spring has arrived in my corner of upstate New York - I think.

While two to three feet of snow blanketed the ground in the last two weeks, lots of things were happening under that snow cover.

And now that the snow is mainly melted off, that activity is revealed. This, incidentally, is not at my house, but, rather, on the west side of Binghamton.  My bulbs are mainly on the north side of my house and are a bit further behind.
Crocuses.  Look carefully at the top crocus on the right.  You'll see a speck of brown and yellowish.

That speck is a bee.

Perhaps, after all, spring is truly here.

Note to my readers:  My Spring Things will be suspended in April, due to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  But it will be back in May, along with the best part (I hope) of spring.

Is it spring yet where you live?


  1. Loved your photos. We are heading into Autumn in Australia although our winters aren't as cold as NYC. Spring is such a beautiful season full of hope.

  2. I think it appropriate that the snowdrops are your first photo!

  3. I have plants trying to emerge and rabbits eating them UGH.

  4. I always love your flower pics Alana - especially the ones where flowers defeat the freezing weather! I'm looking forward to sharing the A to Z Challenge with you through April too.

  5. I am in northern Alberta Canada. Spring is starting to arrive. Although as any Albertan knows... be prepared for at least one big dump of snow in April or even May.

  6. It's been spring here for a little over a month. A bit of rain, but mostly we're in the 70s, so I consider that spring.

  7. Oh, I used to love the arrival of snowdrops and crocuses when I lived in Chicago, and it felt like winter would never end!


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