Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Best Harvest Ever

Years ago, before the Internet was invented, I spent my winters buried in seed catalogs.
Some of our favorites
I would read them from cover to cover, because, from as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be around plants. To me, seed catalogs were more exciting than novels.

They promised so much The newest varieties.  The biggest yields.  The tastiest harvest.  The easiest to grow.  Oh, please, pretty please, dream all you want, they would plead with me, but then, buy OUR seeds.

Considering that my Twitter handle is @RamblinGarden,I don't talk all that much about our gardening on my blog. So here are a few quick facts:

My spouse does the veggie gardening. I do some flower gardening.  My back problems have held me back in recent years, but I am finding ways around it.

We've rented community garden plots for over 20 years.  Our community gardening season starts in mid-May and ends at the end of October.

If you drive on I-81 through southern New York State, you have passed our garden in Binghamton.

In another six weeks or so, our community gardening plot opens for the year, and we've just now completed our seed ordering.

Saturday, spouse bought a new shovel.

Dreams of how he will plant his seeds this year run through his head.   He will have the best harvest ever.  My flowers will bloom the longest and my vase will be filled daily.

I will leave you today with a picture of some luscious tomatoes from last year's harvest.

Let's hope for a good gardening year.

Do you enjoy gardening?


  1. I always imagine myself gardening but never follow through. The last time I planted anything, it was tulips and daffodils. They were pretty.

  2. As long as the wacky weather doesn't cripple the yield.

  3. We're already into our growing season down here in coastal Georgia. I remember the days of seed catalogues, too. I used to love looking at them. I hope you'll have a wonderful growing season and bountiful harvest this year.

  4. I love the idea of gardening. Like you, I spend hours and hours planning my garden of the year. I'm terrible at the actual resolution. My vegetable garden produces more compost than my compost pile. But I'll keep at it and maybe someday...?

  5. Good luck with your gardening this year.

  6. Good luck with your gardening year. My vegetable gardening started in February this year. (I decided we were going to have an early spring.) Now I have green tomatoes the size of large plums, a few peppers, and the corn and beans are coming along. I'm very optimistic. Of course, gardeners have to be.

  7. I admire those who garden, like yourself. Unfortunately, I was not born with green thumbs and generally kill and kind of plant I try to grow. :) Keep up the good work!

  8. Learning more about you! Back problems and you love plants and gardening! I've had back problems since I drug a sofa up three flights of stairs in my 20's, so I can sympathize. Right now, I've been thinking and researching what to do with my tiny, tiny green space. The weather says we may have hail, so I just finished "dragging" my pots and iron chairs under the eve of my roof. Here's hoping they... and my back... will be okay.

  9. I see a pine tree seed. We got a few things from them.
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