Monday, April 17, 2017

Noteworthy (Music Monday) #AtoZChallenge

As over a million people watched Saturday morning around 8:54 am Eastern time, April, our local giraffe at Animal Adventure Park, gave birth to a baby boy giraffe.

I was one of them.

My heart almost stopped when the baby giraffe came out of April, and lay there, seemingly not moving.

And then he started to move. A half hour later he was on his feet, wobbly at first, and still later, he was running around Mom's pen.

In around four days, the webcam will be turned off.  Animal Adventure Park (AAP) opens May 13, and they have many tasks to perform by then.

So ends, perhaps, the longest group therapy session in history.   April became a symbol for so many - an escape from the reality of North Korea threatening the lives of millions of people, terrorists striking all over, and of politics in our country perhaps not as usual.

For a few minutes each day, we could watch two giraffes living their lives.  We who have been pregnant could sympathize with the contractions, with April's increasing difficulty in getting down on the ground for a short rest. 

My spouse couldn't care less, but when I announced April was giving birth, he came over and we watched it on the computer together.

And now, I am overdosing on cute, watching that miniature giraffe interact with her Mom, and with one of her human caregivers.

Not quite miniature, though.  As of yesterday, she was five feet nine inches tall and 126 pounds. (I'll let my metric readers do the conversion math.)
I just can't resist.

Thank you, AAP, for taking us along on the ride.

I plan to visit AAP sometime this summer, and if I get there I will take my readers along on the trip.

April and unnamed baby, in your honor, I offer you this song.

Happy Monday! (Next Monday, Music Monday will resume).

"N" Day in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge - my theme, Traveling Through Time and Space.


  1. I admit that I watched once and did not go back, but as I headed to bed last night I heard the news report on the radio. Hard to imagine delivering anything almost six feet tall.

  2. I was watching, too. So glad the little one is finally here

  3. I was so happy that she finally got around to popping that baby out - I think Elena and I were starting to wonder if it was just gas :)
    Leanne | cresting the hill

  4. I have to share that it's thanks to you I've implemented music Monday around here :-) I'm not a big music person. The husband worked for Pandora then Spotify and now Sirius. But he travels Monday through Friday so the poor child's musical education is left me – – I'm finally getting started :-)

  5. I am with you. So happy that April had her baby and in April and he is thriving. It is the pulse of a nation when these kind of things are embraced so much, we are all looking for good news.

  6. Oh has she had her baby! At last. Oh I want to see her. I'll have to try and find the link again. N is for Nuggets and News as you Build a Better Blog. #AtoZchallenge.

  7. When I told my husband that April had finally had her baby, he said, "Who's April?" LOL! Where has he BEEN???

  8. So nice to have joyful and positive news to view and then to follow up with. Seeing photos of Mom kissing baby's head easily spreads love around the world. Thanks for sharing, Alana.

  9. I did not watch. But I was happy to hear the giraffe had arrived.

  10. I wish I'd known about April although with my two 8-week-old puppies, there probably wouldn't have been time for me to watch. Isn't new life amazing? I feel that every day with my puppies. Such love and excitement and everything is an adventure! xoxox, B


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