Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Crocus Walk

Taking the day off from the Blogging from A to Z Challenge  Here are some highlights of a walk through Binghamton,New York today.

But first, I wanted to show you some of my crocuses, from this afternoon. 

And now, on to other flowers:

Right now we are at the height of crocus season, one of the first flowers that blooms in the spring.

On the West Side of Binghamton:
White and purple

But it isn't just crocuses.  Check these blue squill out.

I've come to think that the main purpose of winter is to make us so grateful, and so happy, when spring comes with its warm breezes and blue skies.

At last.


  1. I just took a shower after finishing up most of the spring clean-up. I have my one lonely crocus still blooming.

    1. I think this year is going to be a wonderful year for crocuses. And, the forsythias are just now coming out I know they aren't reliable for you, and a late freeze prevented any from blooming here last year, either.

  2. What lovely colours! I attempted to find out what crocus is called in Hindi and came up with Kesar. I'm still researching to see if it's the same.

  3. From what I can tel, your Kesar is the saffron crocus, which what we call saffron comes from. It is a type of crocus, but not these. Saffron crocuses are not hardy in our climate, and, at least in the United States, saffron crocuses are fall blooming. Years ago, I tried to grow them, but without success.

  4. Lovely crocus .Wonderful colours to make anyone happy.I have to see whether we get it here in this part

  5. Early spring flowers are so cheerful! They remind us that warm weather is on the way, and sweet sunshine. Hooray for sunny days!

  6. I always wondered what are crocuses as they would be mentioned in every Enid Blyton that I ever read- today I know what they are :-)

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    H id for a stinky high at ChangLa pass in Ladhakh #atozchallenge

  7. Such vibrant colors peek up out of the ground to genuinely make one happy at the sight of spring!

    I miss that from my time in cooler climbs...


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