Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sustainable Saturday - The Mathematic

Today, I made a trip back to a farm market near Bainbridge, New York, called Frog Pond, because I wanted to catch someone on video for a blogger, Liz, whose blog I enjoy.  She's a teacher out in California who also sells her crafts at a local  market.  She also knits, a skill I've never been able to master (I have been a crocheter for some 45 years now, however.)

We bought some wonderful local asparagus there today.

Rhubarb, I'm not fond of, but many are.

At this time, much of the food isn't local, but, as I've written before, you can try anything there before you purchase it, so you have a good idea if the quality is good or not.

I've blogged about a cashier (I believe he is a part owner of the business) who adds up your order mentally, in a sing song voice something like an auctioneer.  And the California teacher wanted to hear him in action.

So, Liz, here he is, misspelling and all.

Someone online called him a "mathematic". I don't know if it's a word, but if it is, it describes him pretty well.

Have you ever tried mental math?


  1. I haven't yet stop in at our local farmer market. That asprugus looks good.
    Coffee is on

  2. I do like farmer's markets or markets of any kind. Always great to see interesting characters

  3. Hm, no that is new to me... love rhubarb though - reminds me of childhood summers:-)

  4. We love the visit to our local farmer's market. We were encouraged to do mental math. My dad could do multiplication of bigger numbers mentally. My son also does mental math. It's a good way to boost memory cells.

  5. Pretty impressive. I saw him writing some stuff down there, though...


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