Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Tulip Poplar

The beauty of trees.

My spouse and I were exercise walking early today, as we knew we would have a record or near-record heat day.

The light was just so beautiful.

Something orange and yellow caught my eye and I looked up.  Way up, into a tree that must have easily been forty or more feet tall.

I know I've seen this tree somewhere, I thought.  And then, it came to me.

It was a tulip poplar.  They are a beautiful tree, and these blooms are loved by wildlife.  They are supposed to be fragrant flowers, although I wasn't going to climb the tree to find out.  In the fall, the leaves turn a beautiful yellow.

They aren't poplars at all, but members of the magnolia family.  They are the state tree of Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  They can live up to 300 years, but 100-200 years is more common.

I had to send a picture to the friend I call my "guest photographer".  I knew she and her sister (who has done some of my "mystery flower" IDs - well, many of them) would enjoy the picture.

Several minutes later, my phone dinged.

I have to explain that my friend has photo software I don't have, and without her, I couldn't bring you these new versions of my photo.  So thank you, dear friend.
A closeup.
And a REAL closeup.

I will not be participating with a new #ThursdayTreeLove post (a meme I enjoy) on Thursday, as it is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, but this proves you can love trees any day of the week.

And friends.  What are friends for, besides making your day even more beautiful?


  1. Beautiful flowers. This makes me realize how beauty nature is. If only we are more careful in preserving it for the future.

  2. Loved your post much. Tree love is awesome.

  3. Hmm. Is there a rule against combining trees and garden blooms? (Haven't you just broken it, already, with this one, if there is?) A rule against posting twice in one day? :) Love this - have never seen a tulip poplar before!

  4. Photo software... Such a great thing it is.

  5. Beautiful flowers! And a tree that lives up to 300 years! Imagine the stories it could tell!!


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