Thursday, November 9, 2017

Last of the Fall Color - #ThursdayTreeLove

Pictures taken yesterday in downtown Binghamton, New York.

Yesterday morning, we had our first frost in the city (outer areas had already had several), so these leaves will be gone.  Soon these trees will be bare.  By Friday, it will be bitterly cold.
But your going-out color will not be forgotten.

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  1. As I was reading this, I was so lost in space- thinking it already Veteran's Day- so I wondered how I missed this a few days ago.

    Our trees just turned this weekend. And, those glorious hues are rapidly becoming lawn carpets and road hazards.

    1. Some of our leaves literally dropped overnight, too. Now I have to find time to rake.

  2. Beautiful! I'm way south of you enjoying the beach colors and the warmth of a Gulf Coast autumn.

  3. Very pretty. Too bad it's so fleeting.

  4. Lovely fall colors. I am envious, even if they are short-lived.

  5. Lovely trees. Cold weather came so late and suddenly here in Virginia that about half the trees I see are bare, while others are still showing some green! It'll make this year's leaf peeping different, at least...

  6. The fall color looks fabulous. They make everything look so bright and beautiful 😀

  7. What beautiful trees. Yes, it will be exceptionally cold tomorrow. It will be a good day to write and drink plenty of hot tea!

  8. Oh how I love the wonderful colors of the American fall. Our autumn doesn't begin to compare. Thanks for sharing. How to Be Part of a Powerful Street Team

  9. Wow! Love it and sad to know it was the last. Hope the winters and snow pass quickly and you stay warm. Thank you for joining Alana. I love trees from your side of the world.


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