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Music Moves Me - New Years

Welcome, those who are participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

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And now, on to the first Music Moves Me of 2018.  This is a blog hop and you'll never regret it if you visit the other members:

Today, on Music Moves Me, our theme is New Years Eve and New Years. 

"Mr. New Years Eve", Guy Lombardo, rang in the New Year for much of my early youth.  I grew up in New York City but have never made it to Times Square for New Years Eve.  

This clip is of his last NYE performance (1976) and is about 14 minutes long.  Directly below is a shorter one.  This 1976 into 1977 NYE was Guy Lombardo's last New Years Eve, as he died in 1977.

If you start around a minute in on this second 1976 video, you will get the flavor - the special effects may seem cheesy now, but this was 41 years ago.  Not quite the same ball drop as the one at midnight last night, was it?

Guy Lombardo was succeeded by Dick Clark, the former host of American Bandstand, and the show he started still goes on each New Years Eve (with a slightly different title) although Dick Clark has also passed on.

It took me a long time to find a video of Dick ClarkI wanted to show, and I finally decided on this tribute.

So now, let's move on to some New Years oriented music.

Barry Manilow, from 1977 - It's Just Another New Year's Eve.  I have to admit, although I normally love Barry Manilow, I find this song so sad.

New Year's Day - Taylor Swift

New Year's Day - U2 (a totally different song) performed live.

And finally - Happy New Year by Abba.

This is first day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost. May you, my cherished readers, have the happiest of New Years!  And again, visit the other members of #Musicmovesme for a rockin' New Years Day!


  1. Since Guy Lombardo habituated (in my mind haunted) Jones Beach, I never wanted to see him on NYE. Dick Clark was a step up- but when 1 is at the bottom....
    I did like your choice of music. I remembered the background music but forgot that New Year's Day was the topic of that U2 song. And, I never heard that Abba song.
    Happy New Year to you!

  2. Wow, brought back some great memories!

  3. Visiting from UBC - love this musical tribute to NYE! My mom wouldn't go to bed on New Year's Eve until she heard that Barry Manilow song, but he isn't for everybody. :)

  4. I grew up listening to Guy Lombardo and then Dick Clark. It has been a long time since I stayed up on NYE. The kids and grandkids left at 9:30 last night and that was fine with me, lol.

  5. Guy Lombardo was a NYE staple at our house. Never got to see him at Jones Beach, though, I only started going to the JB theater after it was converted to a concert venue.

  6. Great to see you back in the challenge again, Alana! I hope to get back to the Thursday Tree Love and the Skywatch Friday sounds great!

  7. I am originally from NYC as well - 79th and Broadway! I have since moved out of NYC and now live south of it in NJ. I did watch the ball drop in Times Square - but only once. After seeing everyone freezing in the cold last night, I am happy to say I did it once, and find no reason to do it again :-)

    Thanks for sharing all the video clips!

  8. Great job. I'd love to sit here and listen to each one all the way through... although I did watch Dick Clark all the way it's time to go cook now. Maybe later. BIG HUGS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU & YOURS.

  9. Great songs. Enjoyed all of these classics. Happy New Year.

  10. Listening to Barry Manilow's song right now as I type this. It's lovely, as always, but I do know what you mean about the sadness. But if you really want sadness & depression, listen to that song about meeting his old lover in the grocery store on New Year's Eve. Thank goodness last night was actually pretty happy for me! :) Visiting from the UBC and wishing us all a great blogging month. <3

  11. That is quite the collection of music. I remember Guy Lombardo. It wasn't my cup of tea but many people really enjoyed his programs.

  12. Alana,

    I love watching the ball drop in Time Square every NYE but I have no desire to actually go there especially that time of the year. Oh brother, was it ever cold! Ryan Seacrest announced it was the coldest in the shows history. I think everyone felt that arctic chill this weekend. We were in the teens but we enjoyed the NYE festivities from our warm living room. :) I did not know Guy Lombardo hosted the NYE party before Dick Clark. I always thought this was something started with him, so glad to have this bit of mewsic education. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gals and me, my friend. I hope we have another year of fun boogieing and sharing throughout 2018. May God bless you with good health, lots of love, tons of happiness, and success in all you do. One more thing, thanks for being such a loyal pal! ;)

  13. Happy New Year! All awesome choices, my friend! Particularly the Taylor Swift one - you know, two great minds and all. ;) Hope this year is an amazing one for you! See you on the dance floor!


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