Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sustainable Saturday - Greenway

For the first time this year, I went with my spouse to the Vestal Rail Trail, a rail trail near to where I live in the Binghamton, New York area.

They had been busy while I was hibernating (no, not really, but I don't walk there much in the dead of winter for various reasons.)  There were new signs announcing the Two Rivers Greenway. This was the top of one.

This was the bottom of the sign.  You can barely see it but there is even a picture of the Vestal Farmers Market on the sign.  And it shows the way to the historic Vestal Coal House, where you can "Exercise Your Right to Refreshment!"

Here are some nature pictures I took today on the trail.  Here, the snow is melting and a stream is running fast.
A stand of birches, with our normal grayish February sky.
Finally, a beautiful reflection.

Today, we ended up having some rain with sleet mixed in.

But I can smell spring.  I can hear the birds singing.  I note the increasing day length.  The sun rises earlier every day.  It will be here. One day.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I can smell spring, too. Also, I'm starting to see it. I see little shoots growing from the ground. It's quite a wonderful sign of warm and color to come.

  2. It looks like clear signs and smells of Spring. You are lucky. We have had 3 snowfall warnings (and snow) this week. Though thankfully when I went out today it was warmer than it has been.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for the explanation of where you live. We once drove up to Niagara Falls and then followed the lakes all the way up and then crossed over into VT and NH before heading to Maine. It was a lovely trip (even through we broke down for a few hours).

  4. Oooh, what a great place to walk. It looks like it'll be really nice once it warms up.

  5. A beautiful trail and I loved your pictures. What was best was how you close the post. With hope. :)

  6. Glad to hear that Spring is in the air . I’ve been quite thrown by this whimsical weather - grey and gloomy one day and sunny the next !


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