Monday, May 21, 2018

Remembering #MusicMovesMe

Today, on #MusicMovesMe, guest conductor John Holton of The Sound of One Hand Typing asks us to post songs of either remembering or forgetting.

Who are the Music Moves Me bloggers?  We call ourselves 4Mers and this is who we are:

The Head 4M'er (Engineer) is XmasDolly.  Her co-conductors are:  Callie of JAmerican Spice, (who right now is doing on and off visits) and ♥Stacy of Stacy Uncorked♥   Also,  Cathy from Curious as a Cathy and Michelle from Michelle's Musings and MerrimentAnd,  

But before I begin, I am remembering the most inspirational moment I can remember in a long time - the sermon in the royal wedding Saturday given by the Reverend Michael Curry and the rendition of Ben E. King's Stand by Me that was such an inspiration to me.  

And now, what music is moving me today?

Remember (Walking in the Sand) - the Shangri-Las from 1964.

September When I First Met You -sung by the late, soulful, Barry White, from 1978.  I so remember that soulful voice.  White died at age 58 from kidney failure, waiting for a kidney transplant.

From 1985, Don't You (Forget about Me) - Simple Minds. Many remember this from the opening and closing credits of the movie "The Breakfast Club".  It was Simple Mind's first hit, and only #1 hit in the United States.

A song by one of the guests at the royal wedding Saturday - Sir Elton John singing a rewritten "Candle in the Wind" as "Goodbye English Rose" at the funeral of Prince Harry's mother, Princess Diana, in 1967.

Another Elton John song about remembering - Crocodile Rock.

I end on an upbeat note,  September - Earth, Wind and Fire.

Today, we should all remember the power of love "the redemptive power of love", in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  "Love is the only way".

See you next week for another Monday of music.


  1. That was some sermon he delivered.

    Loved “Goodbye England’s Rose”.

  2. I had never heard the first two on the list. The first sounded slightly familiar: I might have heard it once on Dick Bartley's show. The Barry White song.... never. Great list!

  3. I love that song from the Shangri-las. I have not heard it in decades! Thanks for that.

  4. Such classic songs. Wow. Thanks for sharing all of them. Really cool.

  5. A couple of my favourite 'remembering' songs here!

  6. Great choices and Candle in the Wind was totally appropriate. When TW was little, she wanted to be Mary Weiss of the Shangri-las.

  7. I guess great minds think alike since we have two of the same songs.

  8. WOW, Girl you have definitely ROCKED THE HOUSE! Great pickins here! From Shang-ri-las to Earth, Wind & Fire! Woo Hoo... you ROCK! Enjoyed boogieing with ya!

  9. I am not familiar with some of these, but I love Elton John.

  10. Alana,

    Marvelous list of songs! "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" is the only introduction of your selections. The rest bring back fond, fond memories! Barry White had an incredible voice. I forgot about him until a few years ago when someone shared him on 4M. It was a great rediscovery after years of not hearing him. Thanks for the boogie down memory lane. Have a great week, dear friend!

  11. oooh! Barry White! Nice selection for this week's theme. Some I was unfamiliar with, and some that I knew. I like that!

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

  12. Hi Alana,
    AWESOME set list here! Listening to "September" right now and it sounds so good. I haven't heard it in quite a while. Excellent pick.
    Love me some Elton John! "Candle in the Wind" is such an awesome song and I think about Princess Di every time I hear it. I too got up early and watched the Royal Wedding. The gospel group doing "Stand By Me" was amazing! The harmonies were incredible.
    I included "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" but Aerosmith's version. I had never heard the original and I love it! Thanks for including it. I didn't realize it was from the early 60s.
    And hearing some Barry White was a big highlight.

    Hope you're having a great week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

  13. Awesome choices to remember! ;) Especially love Simple Minds (and The Breakfast Club). :) Hope you've had a great week - and are having a great weekend! Thanks for the dance! :)


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