Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Bittersweet #WordlessWednesday.

We looked at a picture the other day, a picture of my mother in law playing with a young great niece.  We think the picture was taken about four years ago. Perhaps before her third cancer.  Definitely before her heart valve surgery.

Now her days are spent mostly watching TV.  But when her great niece came to visit the other day with her mother, her aunt, and her brother (who is about the same age as the niece was in that picture, she came alive. 
Memories can be bittersweet but the flowers they left were priceless to her.

Join Esha and other bloggers for #WordlessWednesday.


  1. But without the bitter, we wouldn't understand the sweet when it happens. =)

  2. It's so hard to watch them slow down until they coast to a stop. So glad there are happier memories. And flowers.

  3. I know it’s hard. But the flowers are lovely.

  4. Yeah, at least she still has family to visit. That's a bright side.

  5. Flowers mean different things to different people for different occasions, so maybe she had a fond memory of long ago that made her happy to think of. Hugs are good medicine too!

  6. The little gestures could mean so much when you're falling back on memories to cheer you up! Agree about the bittersweet......sometimes, its these that can work like magic to make us 'live' a little more! Beautiful flowers <3


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