Friday, July 13, 2018

Erie Canal #SkywatchFriday #Blogboost

It's Friday, and it is time to watch the sky, along with other bloggers all over the world.

Today, I feature some pictures taken yesterday during a walk along the Erie Canal near Pittsford, New York.  The original Erie Canal was built around 1817- 1825, and was then the greatest public works project in our nation's history.  It opened up the interior of our country to trade, and to settlement.

Now,  the Canal is used mostly for recreation.  Many walk or bike along what used to be the towpaths. It makes for a beautiful reflective picture on a sunny summer day.

Some live along the canal, and have private docks for their own use.
Other boats still travel on the Canal.

Beautiful, isn't it?  When the canal was built, travel between the starting and ending point took about two weeks.  It was shortened to about five days.

Now, it is a National Heritage Corridor.

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Day 13 (and hopefully not unlucky) at the Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost


  1. I have walked along the canal, too. (As well as the one in DC.) It's a great feeling- plus nostalgia that they are no longer in use.

  2. Great post and I love history so thank you.

  3. Beautiful skies and countryside . It's tough coming back inside to work when you have such lovely views. Many thanks for sharing.

  4. That is beautiful. I remember seeing canals and towpaths like this during business trips to NJ, and really being intrigued. They make such great walking paths.

  5. We used to sing a song about the Erie Canal in grade school. To actually see it! Well, you have to realize, it's the stuff of dreams! :)

  6. I would love to walk that path someday. Amazing to think that it's kind of been made redundant; it was such an important waterway once upon a time.

  7. Just to walk or bike along the Erie Canal has been on my bucket list for a long time.

  8. This is beautiful! I have walked along the canal, in North Tonawanda. Now that I see this, it reminds me that I need to take a return trip and post pictures and a story of the Erie Canal between North Tonawanda and Lockport. I coud probably do it in two days? Should I? Hmmm... why not! Stay tuned!


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