Saturday, September 22, 2018

First Day of Fall 2018

The first day of fall in the Binghamton area of upstate New York turned out to the the opposite of what the summer has been - cool (estimated low for tonight 42 degrees) and breezy.  And we have another break in the rain.

In the stores, everything is pumpkin spice.  Cookies, cereals, spreads, yogurt, you name it.

The crickets are chirping slower and slower.

The trees in downtown Binghamton are starting to turn, although this may be stress from all the rain.

In my yard the signs of fall are all there.
Some years ago, a nursery in Ithaca, NY gave us an aster plant and it is in full bloom.

Sedum colors up in my front yard.
The mums  are budding.  They were gifts to my mother in law in May, who was in a long term care facility (she has been hospitalized for nearly a week now - I'll provide an update in a few days).  We planted them when their blooms faded, just to see what would happen.  I doubt they will survive the winter, though (these types of mums don't tend to be hardy in our climate.)
And in our community garden, zinnias are about the only thing remaining.

Fall is a time of changes - and a time to be retrospective, as the first cold winds blow, and as I watch my mother in law in what will probably be her last few months of life.

But it's a part of the life we all cherish, while we are able to enjoy it.


  1. Isn't fall the most wonderful time of the year? Here in Oregon we are seeing Fall coming too. Cool, sporadic rain then very warm. I don't know if that is normal because I have forgotten what that is! :)

  2. Cool weather is a welcome relief, isn't it?

  3. It rained all day here today and was still raining as we welcomed autumn at 8:54 P.M. A wonderful day for settling down with a good book. So that's what I did. Welcome, autumn.

  4. The Autumn of the year and the Autumn of a life. How gently, sweetly poetic. My petunias are still trying to bravely show some colour under their blanket of white. And the grass has not yet given up. But all else has faded into a mass of gray-green. I look forward to the complete covering of white to hide it all away till spring!

  5. Always such pretty pictures. it's cooled off slightly here. No pumpkins yet except at Starbucks.


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