Thursday, November 8, 2018

Urban Forest #ThursdayTreeLove

I admit it, I've been depressed lately.

My mother in law's health continues to decline (she's considered terminally ill).  There's a possible serious health diagnosis that may be forthcoming for the spouse of someone I know (his surgery was today).  Other people I know from online and their ills convince me that a black cloud is hanging over me and everyone I have contact with.

But it's not true.
No black cloud here, in this little patch of urban forest.

Where I live in upstate New York, the parade of fall color is almost over.  By Friday night we will have our hard freeze and next week we may have our first snowstorm.  The winds of November will take care of any remaining leaves.

But oh, oh, oh the beauty before winter closes in.

Taken November 7 - Magnolia
And, because you are my faithful readers, I have a little bonus for you, taken in downtown Binghamton, New York - a magnolia turning color.

Want more fall color ? You'll just have to come back tomorrow for when I watch the sky.

Join Parul of the blog Happiness and Food and other bloggers who love trees every second and fourth Thursday for #ThursdayTreeLove and love one (or more!) trees today.


  1. When the bad news seems so overwhelming,it’s goid to be able to appreciate the small things. That tree is beautiful.

  2. I am so jealous. We are going from green to ground in almost one motion. (I did get to see the fall foliage on my trip to Pittsburgh- wish THAT was for a completely different reason.)

  3. That first photo is glorious. I'm always sad to see a summer end, but fall doing its thing does help.

    I'm so sorry about the health woes among your friends and family. Best best wishes from NYC.

    I'll be back tomorrow for some sky!

  4. So sorry for the sad circumstances. I'm happy you're able to take solace in the beauty around you. Great photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Praying that God strengthens you, your husband and family during this season.

  6. I always think of the turning of the leaves as Mother Nature's last, gracious farewell to the summer season. So beautiful!

  7. So sorry for your family and your friend. Tough times. But pretty scenery.

  8. I need those beautiful colors too to give me strength as well..
    Wishing you strength and good wishes
    Also wanted to let you know that your posts are ones I love to read which is why I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award on my recent post =

  9. What I miss where I stay: Fall colors. We have only summer and rainy seasons and various shades of green around us. This looks so beautiful.

  10. These glorious colours will offer some respite from sad and gloomy thoughts.. Hang in there..

  11. Sorry about the illness of near and dear ones. It's sad how aging changes everything. What I loved about the tone of your post was your attitude. You chose to look at the bright side. Lovely fall colors and like i have told you before, beautiful ones. I am longing to visit your side of the world in fall. Thank you for joining!

  12. felt sorry to read the first few lines; despite these sad situation, you have been so sweet to post such lovely pictures.


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