Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Flowers on Parade #WordlessWednesday #blogboost

We have a New Years Day tradition, here in the United States, that has happened for over 100 years.  It is called the Rose Parade.  

People will line up the night before and camp out just to watch this parade filled with floats, marching bands, and people on horseback.  Each year there is a theme.

What is special about this parade is that the decorated floats must be totally covered in natural materials: flowers, bark, spices, and so forth.

Here are a couple of examples of the beauty of this parade.

No, I wasn't there (Pasadena, California) but this parade is on my bucket list.  These pictures were taken off my TV screen.

Again, think of the hundreds of hours of work it takes to decorate one of these floats, and be amazed.

I'll show more of these pictures on Monday, along with my Music Moves Me weekly post.

Join Esha and other bloggers for #WordlessWednesday.

Day two of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost.


  1. I love the idea of a Wordless Wednesday and I'm definitely going to have to try it out on my own blog this year! Thank you for sharing about the Rose Parade; I haven't watched this in years and now I'm feeling quite nostalgic.

  2. Amazing floats and a favorite parade of the season. A perfect pick for a flower and parade lovers bucket list.

  3. I haven't ever been able to attend either as I am in Texas. But I would like to one day. I should talk to my friend Debbie and when we go on our trip we should go to the Parade.

  4. The Rose Bowl Parade is a pretty cool 1 January event. Obviously for those who didn't spend all night partying the evening before.

  5. I have always wanted to see the Rose Bowl. But yet the thought makes me sad... all those beautiful flowers picked and gone to waste. ( I am a gardener and have a terrible time picking flowers to bring into the house, LOL)

  6. I hope that one day you can empty your bucket list with a visit to the Rose Parade. I lived in CA for 18 years - and about one hour away from Pasadena - but have never gone to the parade. Not even the day after when they park the floats for viewing.

    I shy away from huge crowds like you see at the Rose Parade. And I'm not one for camping out on the streets the day/night before. But thousands upon thousands of people do it every year. God bless them. :)

    It takes thousands of hours of volunteer power to make these beautiful floats. A friend and a daughter did it once. It was an amazing opportunity for them.

    Eydie :)

  7. We didn't watch parade this year. We always do, but didn't.

    One year, day after parade,we went to the staging area where floats were sitting. Wonderful to see such beauty close-up, and we were in awe.

  8. Beautiful floats in this parade. I remember when I was younger watching this with my grandmother.

  9. I've actually been to the Norton Simon Museum (the big building behind the TV coverage at the corner), but alas, it was in the fall. We talk about camping out to see the thing live, but we haven't yet. I don't think it'll happen. And it was so cold this year. (Yes, I can hear you laughing from here, but for us, it has been cold. Down into the 30s at night. We're all freezing.)

  10. The floats look relly beautiful. Here in India we also have a parade on every 26th Jan. A lot of hardwork is indeed put in.


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